The amazing home and garden projects you could work with a 3D printer

With advancements in technology, 3D printers have become quite affordable for even common people who want to try different things as hobbyists. Apart from professional use, people are also using 3D printer to accomplish different home and garden projects. Even though 3D printing is confined to limited items, the trend of DIY home and garden projects is definitely picking up. You can also try your hand at replicating things you have in mind. Here are some cool ideas to help you do some home and garden projects using a 3D printer.

Hüs Bird Box

Hüs Bird Box

This birdhouse has been printed using a 3D printer with only three pieces. Its geometrical design of the birdhouse is really attractive and appreciable. Printed by the digital designers at Saint H, the birdhouse presents a minimalistic design that you can easily place anywhere in and around your house.

Garden Trellis Hook

Garden Trellis Hook

Designed by Alex English using a 3D printer, this hook is a simple and nice creation that you can use to hang a garden trellis net. You just need a cable to do the task. In fact, you can use this hook for several other purposes, as it can be quite useful for any home.

Watering Spout

Watering Spout   by Mark Edmundson

Had you been missing a watering device in your garden? Now, you too can make one like this watering spout designed by Mark Edmundson. You can put this spout on any water bottle of 2-liter capacity. You can use old, discarded water bottles to have your own watering spout.

Garden Sign

Garden Sign  by Paul Hoover

Paul Hoover tried to play with some ideas for 3D printing and came up with stylish garden signs that simply enhance the beauty of the garden. He has used a nice font for these signs that do not fade or wash away easily. These classic garden signs also look good when placed on gift plants.

Slug Trap

Slug Trap  by Alex English

Designed by Alex English using 3D printers, these slug traps are modern and wonderful. You can fill the reservoir of the trap with beer to let the greedy slugs crawl in, never to go out again. It is a wonderful creation for getting rid of invasive pests.

Many people around the world use 3D printers to make small things for their home and garden. You can also try your hand on an innovative DIY project and come up with something creative and effective for your home.

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