The Best Ways to Make Your Paint Job Last and Last


The paint job is everything on a vehicle. Take the most expensive car in the world and let its paint rust and decay and it won’t look like anything special. Everything could be in beautifully working order, but if your paint job is not up to scratch then all your hard work ensuring the performance of your vehicle remains in optimal condition is wasted. Your vehicle will look poorly maintained, and it will be poorly maintained. Once the protective coating of your paint job is worn through it exposes the inner workings of your vehicle and this could even result in a write-off.

Your Options for Enjoying that Quintessential Shine

There are more reasons to maintain your paint job than just ensuring that in a half dozen or dozen or so years that rust doesn’t eat through. You want that shine, that glossy coating that makes your vehicle look like a thousand bucks.

1. Waxing and Buffing


The most traditional way to get that shine is by waxing and buffing your vehicle. The wax works to protect your vehicle from the elements and gives that glossy sheen, but at the end of the day it doesn’t last and needs to be redone frequently.

2. Ceramic Pro Coating

You can consider Ceramic Pro Coating like permanent waxing. It is a high-quality paint job that provides exceptional color and even longer lasting performance and protection to any vehicle. You’ll have a freshly waxed look and ongoing protection from the elements and road conditions that simply doesn’t quit. Who installs this, of course, matters. You need a Ceramic Pro installer like Set Auto Care to ensure that the job gets done to the highest of standards. 

Caring for Your Vehicle on the Go


Waxing, ceramic coatings – at the end of the day, unfortunately, there is no option that can replace some good old maintenance. Both options, especially the ceramic coating, will make it easier than you could imagine to upkeep your vehicle, but you will still want to:

1. Remove Build-Up Regularly

Have a brush in your car to remove buildup, especially on salty roads where road salt and snow mix together and can get stuck to your vehicle – brush this off regularly.

2. Invest in Proper Washing Equipment at Home

Invest in the right nozzle for your hose, vehicle soap, and of course a bucket that works to keep the grime and dirt from your vehicle from swirling in the soapy water. You can invest in detailing, but for most car lovers this time spent on carefully washing their cars is an enjoyable one. If that’s the case for you ensure you have the right equipment at home.

3. Book for Regular Detailing

You should treat your vehicle to a detailing appointment every so often – once or twice a year at least. This way you can deep clean it to its very bones, paying particular attention to the interior. 

Be Aware of the Environments That Cause Breakdown


Winters and being by the sea can both speed up decay in any vehicle, which is why the last suggestion in this list is to be aware of risk environments and take these situations into account. A nice summer driving along the coast sounds wonderful, but the salt air can build up and eat through a lot of different aspects of your vehicle, especially if you are driving close enough for sea spray to hit you.

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