The Classroom of the Future

Merging ICT techniques in to education and teaching will bring about a positive change on the knowledge that a student acquires from his classes. At the same time it can double as a useful tool that can help teachers to deliver their materials and motivate their students into learning.


This was the Classroom of the Innovative Technologies for Engaging Classrooms, through a project that was supported by the EU. This organization has, since 2010, worked on bringing about a changing the way students learn and also in the way teachers teach by implementing technology in the classroom. The work of the ITEC has shown a lot of success which has lead to doubling the number of classes in which they have applied this technology. It now has around 2000 classes; these particular classrooms are pilot ones that have what the organization calls ‘Future Classroom Scenarios’ combined with learning activities and stories that are used to show schools how to adopt and implement modern pedagogical methods along with the help of the ICT.

The main objective of such a program is to develop these scenarios and technology in a practical manner and also develop the classroom for the future. The plans for such a move could be validated through real life situations following which it can be put to scale. This project was applied to many different classrooms in Europe so as to narrow down the constraints as well as the possibilities of applying such technology in actual classrooms, it also help the ITEC to identify how teachers would be able to handle the technology.


The project has been started with a work packages, a total of eleven in number that are expected to help develop new equipment and services that will be suitable for both the teachers and their students. It has identified a lot of concepts and occasions that call for the use of technology to help students to learn, it has also discovered how we can use applications or widgets to develop learning environment that is largely personal in nature. We can use interactive devices that have the technology of touch and multi user facilities, the popularity of the use of social media and services that share media to our advantage. We can make this possible though the internet that will help to connect users to the resources that will be the best one for him. The project has been successful in the sense that the students involved in it have shown an increase in their understanding and skills as well as their engagement, motivation.

The ITEC also has the teachers in mind; the technology also has ways that will help them to be more effective in the delivery of their materials in more innovative ways that will help the students to grasp what is being taught.

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