Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, Walmart are established giants whereas, Airbnb, Tesla and Uber are some of the companies having the future technologies that will make a mark. The coming generation is no doubt competitive but it is all considered by the economists to have technologies of the future that will rule and take the world by storm. Technologies are becoming increasingly complex and are finding different ways to fund their own innovation prototypes and have the potential to improve their productivity. Although, there are many technologies of the future that will rule but it is considered according to the statistics that the ideas and innovations are not pouring down at the rate they should in this advanced world. So here are the futuristic technologies to watch for in the coming years:

    Considered as the most rapidly growing industry and topping among the list of future technologies that will make a mark, BIOTECH deals with the order of DNA and its sequencing. Gene hacking, that is the ability to turn on and off genes and to mold biological structures means to our own advantage. It is one of the major objectives of this field technology. The newest branch of this field is gene editing. It is defined as a process in which different genes are mixed together to make a desirable gene molecular design. This process has been made amazingly simple with the help of the CRISPR software and is considered to be among the futuristic technologies to watch for. Moreover, this has been used to create disease resistant grains of wheat and rice and to reverse blindness in animals. Imagine being able to redo the process on Homo sapiens. This could be much hyped revolution in the field of medical history.

    Apple’s Siri assistant, Google Assistant, Amazon and other e-commerce sites recommendation and Spotify’s daily playlist are all examples of artificial intelligence. They are also known by the name of self-driven, self-learning machine algorithms. But all this feels kind of outdated in 2017, but behold the next step which is artificial general intelligence. Based on the same concept of its predecessors, AGI would not have self-written algorithms but they would learn them by hit and trial method just like a baby does. DeepMind owned by Google is currently working on making this thing a reality.
    DamPeople cut down trees to make new structures which are important for human life on this planet, but sadly they only give us oxygen- the irony. The dramatic climatic changes, global warming and unpredicted rainfalls and acid rains are the result of using excessive fuel based non-renewable energy. Non-renewable energy is basically made after the proper decomposition of fossil fuels over millions and millions of years underground, so it is high time we switch over to renewable energy to save our planet Earth. Iceland, such a small country started using renewable energy to heat their towns and cities but it has become such a huge success over there that now the whole country’s electricity and heating systems are run over renewable energy which comes for geothermal and hydropower.
    The Wi-Fi powered baby monitor
    Back in AD’s and BC’s time period, ravens and birds carrying message were sent over to places for communication. Then was the telephone invented by Graham Bell and in recent years the mobile phones have taken over their ancestors, the landlines. Fast forward to today’s date, PASSIVE WIFI is something which consumes 10,000 times less power but can work well for different home appliances such as smart thermostats, security systems or light bulbs. Although, it is being said that Wi-Fi itself is being replaced by Li-Fi which uses light to beam information from one place to another and if this prototype becomes a success, the whole media world would be taken to new heights.

    The whole human population is connected with the help of Wi-Fi, desktops, mobile phones and tablets which are popularly called as smart devices. But with increasing demands everything from being a printer to thermostats is being smartified and it is said to take the world by the storm.

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