The Twisted Bedside Table

twisted table 1

Before going to bed, I need to get rid of the accessories I have donned for the day, earrings, chains, eye lenses and of course, the book that I keep down as soon as my eyelids glue together. For the purpose, I need a bedside table, which presumably most of us women do! Therefore, here is a one, dubbed as the twisted bedside table, which is an ideal piece of furniture for all you ladies out there. Matching its name, it takes a zigzag form with three compartments to store your stuff in. What particularly fascinates me is the choice of colors made by the designer, a combination of a glossy black exterior with sizzling pink drawers, which grab all the attention once you pull them out. You need to spend $ 3,000 to adorn your bedroom with the beauty.

Via: Housetohome

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