Three Office Design Ideas That Will Decrease Stress

Office Design Ideas That Will Decrease Stress

A visually appealing office can help more than just your mood throughout the workday – studies show that it can have a positive effect on your energy levels and productivity, too. Keeping a clean and organized workspace is crucial to staying on top of important tasks, and curating a positive vibe inside your office can boost morale around the workplace, leaving you and your team feeling happier and working harder. A company like Key Interiors can help design and furnish your office space, and following these simple tips can help you keep it looking good, so you can feel good too.

1.  Declutter

contemporary loft office interior. 3d rendering design concept

One of the most important steps in upgrading your office is clearing out your desk, cabinets, and other spaces to remove clutter such as garbage or old documents you no longer need. When unneeded clutter is left just sitting around, it can be difficult to find things you actually need; plus, having a clear workspace will improve concentration and relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. A clean workspace leads to a clear mind. Consider investing in a shelving unit or other storage option such as plastic bins or cubbies to store important documents, so you can keep your desk clear.

2.  Improve Lighting

Nothing is worse than the bright, fluorescent lighting that is traditionally found in most office spaces. Studies show that working in conditions that utilize bright or cool-toned lighting is more likely to lead to health complications such as headaches, as well as higher levels of stress. Natural sunlight is a natural mood booster and can make your office space look more appealing, so consider ditching your bright overhead lights and opening some curtains. If you are working in an office without enough windows to get by using only natural light, opt for dimmer or more warm-toned lighting.

3.  Add A Personal Touch

contemporary  office interior. 3d rendering design concept

One way to make your office feel like home is by adding a personal touch such as personal photos, artwork, or other decorations. Studies have also shown that playing music or listening to a favorite podcast throughout the day can decrease stress levels and boost mood, therefore boosting productivity. If you find that your workdays drag on and on with no end in sight, adding a personal touch to your office might make the days feel better, while reminding you of everything you have to look forward to after work, such as your family or fun plans with friends.

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