Top iPhone 6 design rumors

Apple needs no formal introduction as people who are not much of tech lovers also know about Apple. This gadget manufacturing brand has really made it big in the world of gadgets and has many fans across the globe. The gadget that comes from the house of Apple is defined by the latest technology, reliability and amazing features. These are some of the things that draw people towards Apple products. If you have been following the news and rumors of the tech market then you must have observed that many rumors have been published regarding the much awaited iPhone 6 by Apple.


The announcement of any popular gadget is obviously followed by a line of rumors until it is finally released in the market. The same has been happening with iPhone 6 as well. Since Apple has not given out much information people are compelled to spread rumors about this much awaited smart phone by Apple. There are many rumors about this gadget and we will talk about some of the top ones.

Best rumors regarding iPhone 6 by Apple

You won’t find it difficult to look for rumors about iPhone 6 on the internet as there are plenty of them. One of the top rumors about iPhone 6 is that this smart phone will be equipped with A7 processor which will enhance its speed by no less than 31 percent when compared with iPhone 5. This particular rumor was backed by more than one party and they also claimed that they are quite sure about the same as they have reports that Apple is checking 64-bit chip of A7 processor.


Another rumor which has grabbed our attention is about a major development in the internal system of the phone and as per the rumor the new iPhone 6 will contain a quite high capacity battery. The internet is full of rumors about iPhone 6 and they make an interesting read. As per the rumors there will be considerable improvements in the camera of the iPhone 6 and that it will have dual-LED flash for an amazing experience.

Another rumor concerning the camera is that it will be equipped with enhanced camera sensors along with a much better lens. One of the best rumors that you will come across is the fingerprint scanner being installed in the iPhone 6 by Apple. This smart phone has already gained a lot of attention from the people across the globe. 

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