Trexta launches its all-in one NETBookCASE

trexta netbookcase

Juggling with your netbook and all its knick- knacks? Well, don’t fret now, because Turkish casing corporation Trexta has launched the “NETbookCASE” to lend a hand. This special kit doubles as a sleeve to keep your netbook along with an accessory bag.

The sleeve can be used to store your netbook safely, away from dust and harsh weather, and allow you keep to shove it in anywhere like your briefcase or backpack. The accessory bag is handy in storing all your netbook devices like the adapter, mouse or even your pen drive!

This sleeve bag was designed keeping in mind the uneasiness faced when netbooks are used on the user’s lap. Netbooks are usually too small to comfortably fit your lap and keep tilting from side to side. The NETBookCASE provides some stability in this regard. The sleeve is encased in a neoprene cover which functions as a netbook holder and also prevents the netbook to slide or fall.

For a comfortable and hassle free experience, check out the newly launched NETbookCASE and work with style and ease!

Source: Gozdeelbeyli

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