Understanding how surrounding environment determines one’s height

one's height

Everything around is linked to our health and wellbeing in one way or the other. The environmental factors that surround us can actually determine how we grow or live our lives. Right from the time we are born, our body is constantly dealing with various types of changes. This on its own is challenging; however, if that is not enough, the body also has to cope with our surroundings in many ways. In this blog, you will get an understanding on how surrounding environment determines one’s height.

Is height genetic or environmental?


Many researches are doing their part to understand how different therapies along with the environmental factors can change our genes. For years now, they have been conducting a variety of tests and experiments not only on animals but on humans as well.

The study on a person’s height is very interesting. Right from the time we are infants until we grow old, we face different types of external influences. These determine the quality of life we lead. Due to the adverse environmental conditions, our body gets affected in various ways. Even the lack of nutrition such as proteins also can affect our growth. Given the fact that today, our environment is undergoing a lot of pollution, directly or indirectly it is affecting us as well.

Study that reveals environmental factors affect height

No doubt, the genes do play a vital role; however, it is not the only factor. Various other factors contribute as well. In one of the recent studies conducted by a team of researchers from McGill University, it clearly shows how surrounding environment determines one’s height. Through this research we get the answer to the question – is height genetic or environmental?

The team studied the growth patterns of Florida carpenter ants AKA Camponotus floridanus species of ants by conducting a variety of tests. These tests were conducted on a gene level to understand how surrounding environment determines one’s height. It also helped them to learn more about the various factors that are responsible for the various expression changes of each gene.

So how did they conclude about the environmental factors that affect height?

one's height

To get things started, they first increased the DNA methylation degree in their body. This is a biochemical process, which helps in controlling certain gene expressions. This process is very similar to the light dimmer. By controlling the Egfr growth, it helped them to learn how surrounding environment determines one’s height.

With the help of the cascading affect, they were able to check out how surrounding environment determines one’s height. In the due course of the experiment, they found out that every other gene that is a part of the cellular growth is affected even if one gene is modified in any way.

Concluding note

While there is none denying the enormous effects of environment on one’s height, HGH therapy comes up as a sane solution to restore normal height in individuals. For those looking for detailed description on how this therapy works, internet is full of so much of information.

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