Unique 20-storey GSI tower to come up in Mexico

gsi tower

A Unique 20-storey building named GSI tower by Sanzpont Arquitectura is soon going to come up in Cancon of Mexico. GSI tower is one of its kind that is becoming a hot topic among the architecture majors across the globe. In fact, the design of the building looks like an art. Unlike other buildings, this structure has open space in the middle through which even a helicopter can easily pass. The design is so unique. the two parts of the building meet at the top with two habitable bidges creating space in the middle of the structure.

This building will house n number of top restaurants, corporate offices and shopping malls. The estimated cost to build this structure was not shared by the company. GSI tower being so unique, it is surely going to add beauty to Cancun city of Mexico. A large number of public are likely to reach the top level of the GSI tower as there will be a restaurant lounge at the topmost floor. When we talk about the architecture of GSI tower, not to forget is the lighting mechanism. The horizontal louvers of the building are going to filter the natural light. Towards the western face, the building will be protected from the sun. Further, the eastern façade of the building has a transparent glass that will let people enjoy the scenic beauty of the Carribean Sea and the adjacent Golf Course.

Once it is opened, people will throng GSI tower to enjoy the view from atop while dining or shopping. If you are going to Mexico in near future, then don’t miss the chance of digging your teeth into delicious Mexican dishes at the restaurants in GSI tower.

Source: Evolo

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