V-tent solar-panel parking system by Hakan Gursu

V-Tent solar-panel parking system could make electric vehicles very popular

One of the main reasons why electric vehicles have failed to take off as the primary means of personal transport is that the infrastructure to keep these vehicles charged hasn’t really been developed at the same level as the ones for fuel run vehicles. Even though a lot of countries have started to provide recharging stations for electric vehicles, users don’t like staying put in a particular spot for 30-40 minutes just to get enough charge on their vehicles to reach a destination. However, designer Hakan Gursu has proposed a rather unique solution to electric vehicle recharging woes. The designer has come up with a design that he calls the V-Tent and intends for it to serve as a solar recharging station as well as a handy parking spot that will accommodate electric vehicles exclusively.


The eco-friendly parking system boasts of a v-shaped canopy that is fully collapsible. The V-Tent can be erected and dismantled at will which makes it an excellent solution for private and public parking spaces as well as a recharging station/parking space for festivals, travelers on the road, scientists and explorers on the go and even media personnel covering an event away from the city. The sustainable parking lot is designed to also provide a safe shelter that can prevent wind, water, snow and dust from dirtying or damaging the vehicle’s outer surface.

When used as a public parking/charging space, the V-Tent uses a fee-based system where users can pay for the charging and parking using their credit cards. The user interface shows estimated charging times for the vehicle. The inner surface of the V-Tent comes with specially created micro-ventilation enabled fabric which allows the tent to ‘breathe’ and prevents excess heat buildup inside and allows the structure to maintain its integrity in the long run.

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