Wikipad resurrected

Wikipad resurrected, shrunk down to 7-inch design



Wikipad was supposed to make its market release some time back but due to some reasons it could not be accomplished. The first model that was to be launched had a 10 inch design and was of 500 dollars but then it was shrunk to 7 inches and the price too went down. This new model is all ready to make a debut and will be a whole different from the last one. Fraser Townley who happens to be president of sales told that there was an unforeseen flaw in the 10 inch version of the Wikipad which needed correction and that is why they had to delay the launch of the product.


Fraser however did not disclose the actual problem with the previous model and only said that the company took into consideration the advice to redesign the entire Wikipad. The new model of Wikipad is of 7 inches and a lot more affordable for the people. This much awaited model will enter the tech markets some time in spring of the year 2013 and will possess all the same features as the 10 inch version. The expected price of this model is said to be 249 dollar. This tablet has a lot of great features and one of them is the attachable game controls that make it a wonderful gaming console along with a great tablet.


Fraser said that they wanted to launch the best possible Wikipad for the users and the seven inch model fitted perfectly in the requirements. The new model is just the same and has the same wonderful features and the only difference is in the size and in the price. The specifications that were expected in the ten inch version will be present in this new version as well and people will really enjoy owning this gadget. This gadget is a great medium to play games and also use as a tablet.


Some advancement has been added to the stick controller to make it even better and so that it can extend the best possible gaming experience to the user. The new Wikipad will include all the main features that will make it a must have for all the tech lovers. People these days are highly dependent on technology and gadgets like these make life even more convenient and interesting. The new Wikipad is among the most awaited gadgets of the coming year. The new price tag on the Wikipad has made it accessible to a lot more people.


Wikipad has also officially made an announcement to launch its new website that will also have a support page for the convenience of the users. The new Wikipad will extend a premium seven inch screen along with a sixteen GB memory. It will also have a SD card that can extend the memory storage up to 32 GB. The Wikipad will be very light in weight and the design will be ultra stylish. People who like to own stylish and advanced gadgets will love the new Wikipad.


It will function on a powerful and latest processor which means that even the most complex applications will function smoothly on the tablet. The gaming experience on the gadget will be unforgettable as it has what it needs to be a perfect gaming console. Other than playing exciting games Wikipad can also be used to access the internet for personal and professional uses and to watch movies, listen to music and also to read books. The new Wikipad is multi functional and has a bunch of great features that make it a wonderful option for everyone.

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