10 Underrated web browsers you should try at least once


Web browsers are dominated by Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer or the latest Microsoft Edge. However, they do not represent the whole picture. Just like there is too much to the internet, in the same way, there’s also plenty about the web browsers that you might not know. In fact, there are many browsers available for Android that you won’t find for Windows or iOS. While going through the list of these browsers and reading their specification, it might dawn upon you there are browsers over there that can easily make your browsing experience a lot better. Since our lives are so intertwined with the internet, you would not want to miss out on these browsers if that’s the case. Therefore, let us go on a tour to the world of some underrated web browsers and maybe you will find your new favorite.

10 – Underrated web browsers for the curious geeks

1. Torch

With numerous multimedia features, Torch is not just a browser it is a media consumption center. It is Chromium based but completely restyled with many added features and functionalities. Its new tab has a minimalist design and the toolbar has shortcuts to all the media options. 

Torch Games has a collection of all kind of games while Torch Facelift creates Facebook themes that you can also share with your friends. Torch Torrent downloads and manages magnet link downloads. It gives you an interesting feature to play videos while it’s getting downloaded through Torch Player. You can download videos from YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo etc. Download manager of Torch delivers with better speed then Chrome but sometimes it crashes and has some minor glitches. Torch Music plays all the music from YouTube, so you may find a difference in sound quality.

It will give you pop-ups to share its functionalities to social networking websites, which can be annoying sometimes. It is yet to receive an update and maybe insecure as well. Despite such small issues, Torch is a great browser for multimedia and social network lovers. Download and use it as an alternative to Chrome.

For Windows

2. Vivaldi

Now we will talk about a completely different browser that tries to make the browsing experience as personal and pleasant as possible. Structure and styling of its interface are only up to you – tabs are displayed how you want them and you can customize all the options and features as per convenience. In fact, you can tweak each and every part and options in the browser as per comfort.  

The browser is Chromium based, so most of the web extensions from Chrome Web Store works on it. More features will be added to the browser in the coming years. Overall, Vivaldi is a creative and refreshing take on web browsers, but still one of the most underrated web browsers.

For Windows, Mac (10.10+)  and Linux

3. Comodo IceDragon
Comodo IceDragon

Getting infected with malware is a common event if a computer has no online protection. Sometimes, you just click on a suspicious link and welcome threats by your own. To overcome such problems, Comodo developed IceDragon, a web browser with inbuilt malware scanning feature called SiteInspector. It uses Comodo’s SecureDNS service to constantly update malware definitions and block insecure sites. The browser has many other user-friendly features and also a share button for Facebook. .

For Windows

4. Tor

Call it a dark web browser as it can access unlisted websites that will not open on any other browser and its internet traffic is routed through some untraceable random nodes around the world. In addition, you can also run it from a USB drive and no one will know that you even have it. 

The bundle of tools is a heavily modified version of Firefox Extended Support release and many other security packages to give you the most secure browsing experience. Forget about cookies and bookmarks as nothing is stored or tracked.

For Windows, Mac, and Linux

5. Citro

The browser is one of the best alternatives to Chrome: a simple yet powerful solution for media downloads and web browsing. Its powerful Download Manager has an accelerator that speeds up the downloads up to 5 times. It has an integrated torrent client, so you will not need any additional software to download magnet links.

In addition, it has a Video Download that can extract videos from all the major hosts including YouTube. It can also utilize extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

For Windows and Mac

6. Epic Privacy Browser
Epic Privacy Browser

Another secured option for web browsing is Epic, where security is not a choice, its default. It’s Do not track feature remains always active to make sure that none of the websites can track you. One Click Encrypted Proxy encrypts the browsing and masks your IP address. With many similar features, but Epic is one of the most secure browser that protects your privacy and focuses on security at every level. 

For Windows and Mac

7. Sleipnir

The Japanese browser is based on Blink engine and that’s why it resembles Chrome. In terms of font and thickness, it also resembles Safari. The round and thick font in Sleipnir is a really pleasant and unique reading experience which is difficult to ignore. 

If installed in Windows it works with all the Chrome extensions while in Mac, it corresponds with retina display feature to offer high-resolution display. It works with all the platforms and hence can be easily used to sync passwords, bookmarks

etc on all the devices whether it is a notebook or smartphone.
For Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

8. Lunascape ORION
Lunascape ORION

Most of the browsers are developed on either Chromium, Trident or WebKit. Lunascape gives you the facility to use web-pages on all three engines. The feature will be useful if you are testing a design because pages open with some very fine differences in various engines. Other unusual options include an ability to show all the open tabs in side by side view, many keyboard shortcuts, and mouse customization. With all these features, do not expect this to be superfast or extra smooth, but it works well. 

For Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

9. Greenbrowser

Based on Internet Explorer, you will not see anything fancy in the browser. It is good at loading pages, receives timely updates and has every basic feature for a normal browsing.

Ad Block, Speed dial, mouse gestures, drag-and-drop feature, and a Boss button to quickly hide the browser makes it useful for daily surfing. At the bottom of Greenbrowser, there are few more options that make the full screen view more convenient.

For Windows

10. Opera Neon

Still a concept, but gives you a unique interface with some clever tools. Neon just looks like the desktop with all its options floating around. Best for slow connections like the original. Download and try for a futuristic browsing experience. 

For Windows, Mac, and Linux

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