15 Unique Vintage father’s day gift ideas for your classy dad       

Unique Vintage father's day gift ideas

Father’s Day is the one day of the year when you can express your love for your father. He has encouraged you and supported you in everything you do. Giving him a gift shows that you care about all the things he has done for you over the years. You probably give him a nice tie or shirt every year, but this year why not go out of the way to give him something special?  So scour the antique stores, flea markets, and the internet to find a worthwhile collectible your father would treasure. Here are some vintage father’s day gift ideas you can be inspired by:

 15 Vintage Father’s Day gift ideas 

Vintage letter opener

Vintage letter opener

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A letter opener is always useful. A vintage one can be made of silver, ivory or bronze and look magnificent. The design could be simple and practical, or ornate and intricate – you can choose one to match your father’s style. It would be an excellent and stylish addition to your father’s workspace. The price will vary according to material and style, but you can find a good one at a reasonable price. This would be one of those lovely, retro presents for dad that he would cherish.

Backpack cooler

Your dad probably has a cooler already, but this one is really cool. It’s not that vintage but it’s still one of a kind backpack cooler and has a classy vibe to it. It can fit 12 pack beer (and ice), and if he loves wine, the backpack is tall enough for that too.


Gift a Venetian, Clichy, and Baccarat glass paperweight on this father’s day. It would look gorgeous on his study table. Vintage father’s day gift ideas like vintage glass paperweights are elegant and beautiful.

You can give a unique bronze paperweight too, for example, a pile of coins. Inscribe a message for your father on the back of the bronze or metal paperweight.

Fishing Reel


Do you remember all the fishing trips you took with your father? Honor those cherished memories by giving your father an antique fishing reel. A Shakespeare Marhoff GE reel would be a unique vintage father’s day gift idea for your father who’s so keen on fishing. If gifting something unique is what’s on your mind, this vintage fishing reel is the perfect gift.

Men’s jewelry

In olden days, men used to wear jewelry just as much as women. Men still appreciate jewelry, at least rings. You can’t really give him diamond earrings or bracelets, but you certainly can give signet rings in gold or silver. You can give him a ring studded with turquoise, onyx etc. Moreover, gold letter rings are popular choices for men’s jewelry these days. Pendants and pocket watches are excellent gifts too. If you’re interested in gifting something unique, search for exquisite Native American pendants or rings made from silver.


Go for stylish, vintage wristwatches with leather or metal straps, especially if your father loves wearing watches. There is a huge range of vintage watches online of every style and description, and a varied price range. Check eBay to find authentic antique watches for your father. Old Swiss watches from the 19th century would be a great gift if you can manage to get your hands on one. You can get a nice quote inscribed on the back or just a simple ‘Love you Dad’ to make the watch into an impressive personalized gift.

Poker chips

Poker chips

No more plastic poker chips for poker nights. Made from clay composite and incused, or embossed with beautiful, elaborate patterns will turn your father’s card game into a classy and sophisticated affair. These elegant poker chips are one of the vintage father’s day gift ideas, which will surely be appreciated by your father and his buddies!

Antique fountain pens

Antique pens have a charm about them that is unmatched. Even though pens are hardly used these days, still they can be an excellent present. Maybe your father can start writing letters, his memoirs or a journal with a beautiful vintage fountain pen.


If your dad’s taken up music as his hobby after retiring, gift him a ukulele. It’s easier than the guitar and will keep him busy during the day. Who knows, he might turn out to be a great musician? It’s inexpensive and a vintage one owned by a popular musician would be a lovely present.

Vintage toy cars


Vintage toy cars

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Help your dad relive his childhood with a pack of ‘sweet 16’ cars from 1968 Hot Wheels. The pack consists of VW bug, a concept Dodge Deora, and Chevy Camaro. In fact, search for the vintage miniature edition of your father’s favorite car and surprise him!


Sports memorabilia is a splendid vintage father’s day gift ideas. It’s something most dads love collecting. Try to find authentic baseball cards, wooden bats, jerseys, caps, bobbleheads and old programs. A signed ball would be super special, of course and would top any gift you have ever given him. . Only thing is, you have to make sure that it is original as there are many fakes floating around. Olympic pins, old uniforms, sets of vintage croquet and action figures are great retro presents for dad. 


Why not a fedora for your stylish dad? He’d love to don a vintage hat or cap. It’s one of those really great vintage father’s day gift ideas for this father’s day.

Handmade antique wallets


Handmade antique wallet

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Handmade antique leather wallets are always in style. Check for antique leather bags or luggage too, so that your father can travel in style. Antique leather belts are vintage father’s day gift ideas you can consider.

Rock and roll records

For the dad who grew up in the 50s through 80s, and loved Rock’n’roll, get him a collection of vintage LPs along with the record player, if he doesn’t have one.

A cane

A walking stick or a cane made from good quality wood would be a great support for your father and be a stylish accessory. If you can find one which has a head made of silver, gold, pewter, porcelain, wood inlaid with precious gems, it will make your present extra special.

A vintage gift would be unique and would show that you took the time to find him something really nice. Your father would appreciate your effort to find him a gift, which relates to his life and hobbies. So go ahead and find the perfect, one of a kind, vintage gift for your dad!

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