5 Tips to Taking Care of Your Lawn in Dayton, Ohio


We all wish to own the best looking lawn in our neighborhood. However, most of us lack the know-how of maintaining a yard. You may splash money towards your lawn’s upkeep but with little to no results.Fortunately, you need not agonize over how to maintain your lawn in chic condition. We’ve compiled five tips for managing your garden in Dayton, Ohio.

1. Mow to the right height

Mow your grass at least once weekly during the summer and once every other week in warm winter, spring, and autumn. Such regular trimming, ensure the grassroots spread evenly and nicely in your lawn.

Nonetheless, ensure that you cut the grass to the right height, roughly to two or three inches tall. Cutting the grass any further may damage the roots, increasing the possibility of weed growth. Mowing the lawn to the recommended height leads to better root development and improved moisture retention.

Grass blades taller than the earlier mentioned heights prevents sunshine from reaching the ground thereby curbing germination.

2. Use sharpen lawnmower blades always

It’s essential that you cut grass using sharpen lawnmower blades at all times. A single stroke should suffice to cut through grass evenly. Blunt edges cut grass unequally making your lawn appear ragged and unsightly.

To keep your lawnmower blade sharpened, sharpen them approximately 10 hours after use.

3. Water regularly

Water is life. Water your lawn at least once weekly. Also, allow water to reach the roots because shallow watering renders your garden unattractive courtesy of a web of brown runners above ground.

Supposing you just seeded your lawn and the grass measures about half an inch tall, water 15 to 20 minutes daily. For shorter grass, water for 5 to 10 minutes every day.

Preferably, water your lawn in the morning, before 10.00 am instead of during the evening as moisture grass during the night spurs the growth of fungi.

4. Aerate the soil

Aerate the soil

Compacted soil is a significant cause of bare patches and mud baths in lawns. Aerating the soil is an adequate remedy to these issues. To aerate the soil, insert a garden fork deep (approximately 10 centimeters) into the ground and rock its handle back and forth gently.

Do this every 10 cm, and aeration levels in the soil will improve drastically.

5. Feed it well

Apply a complete fertilizer with essential micronutrients like sulfur, copper, and iron to your lawn in early spring to jump-start root development and during the autumn for repair purposes resulting from harsh summer weather.

You can add fertilizer in midsummer just when it’s about to rain so that it’s washed down the soil by rainwater, otherwise, sprinkle some water on the fertilizer.


By applying these tips, you’ll achieve tangible results on your lawn. Supposing you need further assistance on maintaining, you may consider engaging professional services for lawn care in Dayton Ohio.

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