4 Effective Tips to Attract Sponsors for Podcasting

Effective Tips to Attract Sponsors for Podcasting

Getting podcast sponsors is one of the many ways to make money from podcasting. After learning how to record and promote your podcast,  the next step is monetization.

This guide explains how to find podcast sponsors. Whether you want to use a podcast advertising marketplace on a network or pitch to sponsors directly, we’ve got you covered.

What is podcast sponsorship?

Podcast sponsorship is when a sponsor pays to promote and advertise their product or service on a podcast show. The sponsorship agreement could be per episode or for a complete series. It’s best to find podcast sponsors who are willing to commit long-term.

However, that depends on how well you pitch your podcast. Your audience engagement metrics must be convincing enough to secure podcast sponsors, but either way, you will need to present your show well.

How do podcast sponsorships work?

Understanding how podcast sponsorship works would help you negotiate the best terms for your show. There are two formats most sponsors choose: host-read or radio-style.

Host-read ads

This podcast advertisement style involves you narrating the benefits of the sponsor’s product or service to your audience.

It’s fairly straightforward. You get a podcast sponsor, they give you the main benefits of their products, and you mention it during your podcast show. While it’s not mandatory, trying out the product before selling it to your listeners is helpful.

Radio-style ads

There are a few sponsors that prefer using the radio-style ads format. Here, sponsors send you their pre-recorded ad, and you insert it somewhere during your podcast.

The general style is to create a short interlude or break in the podcasting flow and play the ad before continuing with the show.

Types of podcast sponsorship models

Once you know how to find a podcast sponsor and agree on an advertisement format, the next thing is to choose a sponsorship model.

Podcast sponsorship models are either cost per mille (CPM), value-based, or affiliate.

CPM podcast sponsorship

The cost per mille model usually pays podcasters for every 1,000 listeners stream or episode download. An agreed price between $20 to $50 is fair to start.

So, for example, if you reach 50,000 downloaded episodes, the sponsor will pay $1,000 to $2,500. This model typically requires a large audience to make a lot of money. CPM models fit best for the more popular podcasts.

Value-based sponsorship

The value-based podcast sponsorship model is helpful for smaller-sized podcasts that find it challenging to earn from the CPM model. Unlike the Cost Per Mille agreement, you only need to find a podcast sponsor willing to negotiate a fixed pay rate per featured episode.

The number of downloads or listens doesn’t matter in value-based sponsorship models. Hence, while it favors small podcasters, value-based deals are not for established podcast hosts.

Affiliate sponsorship

With this sponsorship model, there is no limit on how much money you earn, but you could also end up making nothing. The affiliate marketing sponsorship model pays only when a listener purchases the advertised product or service using your affiliate link.

Listeners could play the podcast without making any purchases, or they may eventually make the purchase without using your link. That said, depending on the podcast, this model may work well in conjunction with other models.

How to get podcast sponsors: 4 effective tips to attract sponsors

Here are the four main strategies to secure a podcast sponsor.

1.   Directly reach out to potential sponsors

Do you know a brand offering products and services within your niche? Contact them directly! Pitch your podcast to them and explain how your show can increase sales. This method is the easiest but it requires determination and consistency because only some brands will give a positive reply.

You also need negotiation skills to get podcast sponsors who pay your preferred rates. Also, direct pitching to secure a podcast sponsor means you avoid network cuts from your revenue.

2.   Join a podcast network

While some podcast networks have strict acceptance requirements, joining a podcasting network can boost your chances of getting podcast sponsors. These networks contain many similar podcast shows like yours, which increases their appeal to intending brands or companies looking for a podcast to advertise their products.

The downside is that the network cuts earnings from deals signed through them. This is just the small cost that comes with easy access to sponsorship offers.

3.   Use a hosting service

Partnering with a hosting service is a practical tip to attract podcast sponsors. These hosting platforms like Podbean offer you a podcast advertising marketplace to create, organize and manage your podcast monetization activities.

They increase your chances of finding podcast sponsors and make you more visible to sponsors. Therefore, consider subscribing to a podcast hosting service if you want to get a podcast sponsor more easily.

4.   Upload on podcast directories

Don’t forget to upload your engaging podcast ideas on popular directories. It is a simple podcast promotion strategy that makes you visible to more listeners, including podcast sponsors.

Some hosting platforms automatically place your episodes on the leading directories, but there is no harm in manually searching for more and uploading your content there.

Best practices to get a podcast sponsor

Check out our recommendations on how to find a podcast sponsor for your show. These are simple tips to guide you in securing the best sponsorship deals.

1.   Determine your target audience

Ever heard someone share how they got their first podcast sponsorship deal? It’s not usually an overnight success.

Identify your niche and check out the performances of competing podcasts. Evaluate their success and improve your content to fit the required criteria.

2.   Grow your podcast audience

If you’re going to make money from podcast sponsorship, you need to grow your audience first. Your audience is like your resume, which gives an impression of how much advertisement impact your show can make. It’s more challenging to get podcast sponsors with a small audience.

3.   Provide quality podcasts with consistency

Many sponsors around your niche will choose you if your podcast is quality, with the potential to improve.

Quality also includes the audio and not just the engaging podcast ideas. Otherwise, you’d be wasting time reaching out to podcast sponsors. A significant drop in the quality of your podcasts can cause a loss of subscribed audience and sponsorship agreements.

4.   Learn the art of pitching

Master how to send a professional, brief, and direct pitch on why that brand or company should sponsor your podcast show.

This includes stating your competitive advantage, like a high listener count (if you have one), or saying how much they would benefit from supporting your show. Remember to follow up with likely sponsors.


Understanding how to get podcast sponsors is the first big step toward podcast monetization. We have discussed what podcast sponsorship represents, the different payment models, and the formats of podcasting ads.

If you’re hoping to get a sponsorship, follow these practical tips to attract sponsors for your podcast show and implement the best practices. Good luck!

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