4 – Modern Car Features You Won’t Regret Paying For

Modern Car Features

When you finally have the chance to turn in your old college get-around car for something nicer, take the opportunity to find a vehicle that really suits your needs. In fact, there are many modern features (many of which come standard) available to keep you safer and more comfortable while maneuvering rush hour or heading out to do something fun.

1. Safety Features


Cars today go much faster than their counterparts of the last century, and speed limits have kept pace. With greater speeds, the risk of injuries has also increased. In response, automakers have provided many safety features, such as many with which you’re probably familiar:

  • Seatbelts
  • Airbags
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Shatter-resistant glass
  • Headlights, brake lights, and wipers

Modern cars offer additional features. For example, automobile technology now makes it possible for you to receive an alert if you’re moving into a lane in front of another vehicle or if there’s something or someone behind you when you’re backing up. Pre-crash warnings and emergency braking systems help you remain in control of your vehicle while avoiding impact. The Electronic Stability Control (or Electronic Stability Program) is a great feature that senses a loss of tire traction and jumps in to help the driver avoid skidding.

2. Hands-Free Convenience

Many of today’s drivers lead busy lives, and a good number of these take their work with them during the commute to and from work. Unfortunately, talking on the phone or reading a quick text can change many lives in an instance. As communities and automobile manufacturers work to reduce traffic tragedies, hands-free features have become an important addition to vehicles. Many modern autos come with smartphone interfaces for hands-free communications.

Along the same line of thought, many modern cars are also equipped with voice-activated climate controls and audio systems. Rather than moving your eyes away from the road, it is possible to tell your audio system to turn down the volume or switch to another station. Ultimately, it’s the driver’s responsibility to minimize distractions, but your replacement car could help you avoid many common driving annoyances.

3. Fantastic Technology

Fantastic Technology

Features that were once the stuff of science fiction are widely available to car buyers today. For example, you may find a car with a heads-up display, allowing you to read your speed on the windshield or charge your phone by laying on a wireless charging pad. Don’t worry about fumbling for your keys when you have a keyless car entry system. These cars sense the fob in your pocket, unlocking doors and even opening the trunk.

If you want, some cars allow you to start your car with a signal from your smartphone or remotely check the tire pressure. If there’s a new driver in the family, look for a car with teen limitations, such as preventing the volume on the stereo from going past a specific level or from functioning at all if seatbelts are used. Do you live in an area where cars disappear? Look for stolen vehicle tracking software systems. This may be bundled in with other vehicle assistance and security systems.

4. Enhanced Comfort

As drivers, and their passengers, spend more and more time in automobiles, another perk of upgrading to a more modern car in improved comfort. With heated or cooled seats, heated steering wheels, and programmable driver’s seat positioning, it’s easier than ever to sit appropriately, avoiding driver fatigue. Newer vehicles may have height-adjustable lumbar, so the driver’s lower back (or lumbar region) has plenty of support. You won’t need to hassle with a lot of manual adjustments either; a lot of cars provide power adjustments.

Now that you’re finally ready for an upgraded vehicle, take the time to determine what you really want. Many modern features enhance safety as much as they increase convenience. Also, some of these help you to avoid accidents or wrecking your car totally. You may find that switching to a modern car is an investment you don’t regret.

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