4 Super Simple Bathroom Renovation Ideas on A Budget

Bathroom Renovation Ideas on A Budget

After years of staring at that blank wall in your bathroom, and using the same old bathtub, you feel like it’s time for a change. And change is good, as they say, “it’s as good as a holiday”, so you decide your bathroom needs a bit of a revamp, but you don’t have endless amounts of money to spend on it, which shouldn’t be a problem. We’ve gathered up a few ideas for you to spruce up your interiors, in a budget, and make it look like tens of thousand dollars’ worth of work!

Whether you have just moved into a new home or building one as well, the same goes for you. These ideas will help save you a ton of money, and look good while doing it. No need for lavish chandeliers or floor heating in the “WC”, with a few simple, yet effective changes and additions you won’t believe your eyes when it’s completed. If you’re interested in knowing a bit more about this, carry on reading and you may just find what you’re looking for.

 Let’s Get to Revamping

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No need to spend $20,000 on a spa bathtub when you can get something just as good and close to its aesthetic appeal as well. According to the “Remodeling”website, the cost of an average bathroom makeover in the US is about $10,500, let alone upscaling and remodeling the entire thing which will cost you twice that and a mid-range sprucing up will cost you anywhere from $16600 and up, for further information about other makeovers in the house see their list here.

Even though the good thing is, you will make up for any expenses when you sell your home, but what if you don’t? or what if you do it for 10 years unless you can wait that long? The good thing is, remodeling any part of your home will increase the resale value of it. The amount you spend should be decided beforehand, and then go with those numbers to see what you can achieve.

Cosmetic changes are typically for low budget changes. We’re talking about things such as new paint in the bathroom, new door handles, perhaps a new his and her sink. But if you add that amount on top you could get away with much more, such as adding zigzag tiles to the walls or floors, perhaps even adding, or changing the shower to a bigger one with a rainfall showerhead? Adding some windows could be possible as well.

Let’s jump into the topic and see what fresh new budget ideas we have come up with for you to play around with on a mid-range budget.

1. Use Fewer Tiles


That’s right, who says you need to fill up the entire bathroom with tiles? They can be expensive if not careful, so why don’t you tile only the high-impact areas such as around the sink and mirror and the floor, or just the floor and leave the walls barren. It adds a touch of modernist and minimalism to space, which has a tendency of looking, sheik.

Another way of using tile in a budget-friendly way is to tile a strip of them around the walls and paint the bottom or top half only.  Are you with us? Can you imagine it? If, however, you feel the need to have something luxurious and artistic then alternate with cheaper ones. say for example you want to add gold and black tiles, or gold and white tiles, but a few of these expensive ones and plain black or plain white tiles and place them in an alternating manner. That way you can have the best of both. Sometimes adding a few randomly also looks nice.

2. Get A Counter Top

You may thing countertops are expensive but the truth is, in the bathroom, they are much cheaper than in say areas such as the kitchen. If you invest a nice granite countertop, which will typically cover a small area, it will look nice and add some extra oomph to space, which means you won’t need to put much else in the room, and this can be the highlight of the restroom.

If you’re strategic about it, you can choose colors that are cheap but look rich, such as pales and pastels. Light beiges are popular and when mixed with dark browns, look exquisite in any home. If you buy a countertop slab with many imperfections on it, the store will usually sell it for cheaper and you can add a touch or “originality” your home. Sometimes the deficiencies are so small that one won’t even notice them. 

3. Got to Add A Touch of Paint

A Touch of Paint

Did we say White Paint? Yes, we did. One of the best ways to spruce up any space and make it look larger is to paint it white https://www.thespruce.com/bathroom-design-ideas-and-inspiration-4101873. If you don’t have time for anything else, this is one thing you can do and get away with much easier and cheaper than other smaller and detailed items. It gives it a new look, plus it goes with any other colors in the room already.

Although it may take time to paint this room, as depending on how small or large it is, there are usually things you need to be careful painting around such as the sink, windows, countertops, and floor for instance. But if you’re patient enough it can be done. Add some gold trimming to it along the borders, and see how amazing it looks. You can buy gold paint at any arts and crafts store but make sure it is waterproof and moisture-proof paint with any brand you use.

4. Touch Up Don’t Replace

Replacing a shower or bathtub with an entirely new one may cost a pretty penny. But it won’t stop you from having what you want, rather choose to redo it and touch up instead. If the tub has started looking “old” get a professional to reline it with a fresh new lining of color, and you can even choose to change the surface and color of it.

Tubs made of porcelain, fiberglass, or cast-iron can be refinished by yourself, of course, you need time and few extra bucks, but you can make a DIY project out of it and get cracking on it. Perth Premier Home Improvement advises investing in a basic DIY refinishing gear, which can be bought at any hardware store. It usually comprises of a face mask, a spray gun, some paintbrushes, and a sander, and one can access some “How To” videos online. There is never anything wrong with learning a new skill!

We hope these 4 ideas above will help you achieve that new bathroom look in no time!

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