5 Important Steps in Website Design Process

Important Steps in Website Design Process

Promoting your brand online is an effective way to make your business profitable. The question is: How to promote your business in the digital world effectively? Of course, having a website is the best solution. A great biz site is able to lure potential customers (website visitors). Website content should be qualitative to meet the end-goal. That said, you need the services of a legitimate website design agency, one that is able to create a site through a proven and tested website design process.

There are website designing steps which you have to learn from this blog post. This is the focus of this article – to let you know about the steps which should be part of the entire web design process. If you think that web design and development is so stressful, then you are perhaps right. Yes, it is not that easy to produce a website which will work to help you achieve real growth and success. But when you follow certain rules and steps in web designing, it is apparent that you can hit your goals and objectives. There is what we call a step-by-step guide to create the right website which can represent your business so effectively.

The main goal of your website is to help people appreciate your brand. When lots of people appreciate your brand, it will automatically translate to more conversions of leads. More people will be attracted to visit and use your website, and, at the same time, more attracted leads will be converted into regular sales and revenues. The interaction of the potential site visitors should be great. Otherwise, you cannot hit your goals and objectives as a business organization. So, follow the steps provided in this blog post for you to be able to get what you want to get in your business endeavor.

Steps in website design process

Provided below are the 5 steps with concise explanations why they should be followed and done.

1.     Identify your business goals first


This is the first step here. You cannot reach a certain direction when your goals remain unidentified. Determining your goals is like choosing the right pathway to get to the top. Always remember that there is fierce competition online. That means there are a lot of websites trying to compete with one another, trying their best to be on top of the SERPs. Your website is only one of many websites to compete strongly in order to get to the top of the results. When you are on top, it implies success. Why? Because your website will be used by many people.

To attract many potential customers, it is necessary to identify your specific goals. In a certain period of time, you should hit your goals. The attractiveness level of your site should dramatically be high. It is through this way where you can attract and convert more visitors into avid users of your products or services. Keep in mind that it is not that easy to create a right website to represent your brand online. Hence, you have to be sure that your goals are set. They serve as a guide as you go along the way.

There are questions to ask when identifying your business goals. Those questions to be asked are: (1) What is the name of your website? (2) Is the name to be chosen reflective of your brand and business? (3) What are the products or services you would like to market and sell? (4) What are the colors and typography style that you want your website to have? (5) What are the benefits people can have when they are using your website? (6) Who are your target market? (7) Who are your competitors and how are they performing?

With the above-cited questions, your business will be brought to the next level. It means one thing – your brand identity will be solidified and more people will recognize your offers. As they recognize your offers, it means your brand will be embraced and loved by as many people as possible.

2.     Determine your website project scope

After identifying the goals of your business, it is recommended that you determine the scope of your website project. Doing so can make your business endeavor more achievable. Well, determining the scope of your website project should be done with the help of a professional website designer and developer. Why? Because this particular task requires more hardwork. You really have to finalize the range of the entire website project. Failure to realize this particular step can lead to overall project failure. Of course, you want to succeed, don’t you? So, it is really advised that you determine the scope of your website project beforehand.

Your goals must be doable and workable. The scope of your project really matters in this regard because it is through this way where you can elevate the chance of your brand to hit competitive advantage. When the scope is clearly identified, it will lead to a better execution of the entire project activities. The website designer and developer you are going to hire can create a perfect website to represent your business in the digital world. Remember that in today’s business landscape, it is really important to have a high-level online visibility. Having the right website is significant to meet this end.

What are the specifics when determining the project scope? A typical example of this is to decide on the total number of web pages to be created by the designer/developer. Further to say, the project timeline as well as website features should be decided brilliantly. Doing so can make your website successful. You can have a clear pathway wherein you can hit success towards the end. This is the end-goal, so to speak. You have to hit success in the end. It means you have to convert more leads into sales, revenues, and profit.

3.     Start the web design phase

Website Design Process

After identifying your business goals and determining the entire web design project scope, it is about time that you will ask the hired web designer to start designing your website. This is the stage where your business website is going to have a visual design. In this stage, the website design agency has to use the concepts and constructs that emanate from the first two stages. As much as possible, a website mockup has to be created during this phase. This is the preliminary approach to get the remarks and feedback of the potential users.

Is it beneficial to design a mockup for your website? Well, a mockup is often used by designers to check the impression of the target users. Before the designer and developer will finally design and create the website, it is necessary to test the target customers. Doing this can lead you to a dramatic height of real success. The main purpose of your company is to satisfy the target customers, right? How can you realize this goal when the website design will not meet the expectations of the potential site users? This is the main reason why your site must be pro-user, not the other way around.

To create a user-friendly website is significant for your business. Your brand will not succeed when your biz site is not giving what the users are expecting. Meeting the needs and demands of the users is the idea here. This is the ultimate way towards the attainment of great success. The bottom line is, during the web design phase, it is really important to think about the users (customers). Your business will flourish and boom when there is a perfect website design to satisfy the needs of the users. Create the right and relevant website for the users. Do not just prioritize your business. Rather, prioritize the end-users because their satisfaction is the main channel where you can hit growth and success.

4.     Website content comes next

A website without great content is nothing and uncompetitive. You want to succeed, right? To realize success is a tricky thing unless you can crack the code of success. With respect to website design and development, content is very important. Why? Because you can succeed when more people are going to find the usability of your website. Your brand website will become usable and meaningful only when there are fantastic content pages. The bottom line is, you have to prioritize the quality of content. Otherwise, you can hardly achieve your business goals and objectives.

Content is king! This is the adage that content marketing experts are proliferating and popularizing until these days. Well, it is a perennial truth when it comes to web design and development. You cannot achieve success in business when your website does not have relevant, helpful and useful content. Keep in mind always that the site visitors are always looking for effective solutions. Those solutions must be embedded in the content pages, nowhere else. It means the users should find the usability value of your website through the content structure, quality and information architecture.

Did you know that the quality of your business website content is valuable when it comes to the SEO aspect? Optimizing your website must start with the quality of your content. When your site pages do have high-quality and useful content, your site, in general, becomes friendly to search engine algorithms. It implies that your website will be crawled and indexed by Google and other search engine giants. As this happens, it will lead to more business opportunities. Why? Because your site will rank on the page of the search engine results pages. A typical example of this is, for a phrase or keyword used by Google users, your website should be found on the first page.

5.     Develop and launch the website

completely designed website

This is the last step that must be included in your website design process. After the design is finalized, you have to develop and launch your website for good. You are expecting nothing but real success. You cannot however achieve this goal when your site is not fully developed and launched. Developing the site is the ultimate step to see its beauty and significant value. Put this in your mind: Your website should be usable and helpful. That is why when developing your site, the hired website design company has to prioritize user experience.

After developing the site, you have to launch it. Of course, you can start with soft launching. What is it? It is the stage when you have to test the usability of your site even a little further. You are done with using a mockup to test your website and to get the feedback from the potential users. The hired web design firm has worked with you to finalize the key website design concepts. And you are done with the development stage. Before you will hold the grand launching of your website, you can further test it on the ground. That means you have to soft-launch it to get more relevant feedback and comments from the users.

The feedback and comments from the real users of your site must be utilized to synthesize and polish the web design, content, and overall structure. The purpose of which is to see to it that your business website will meet the demands and needs of the users. Your business will not succeed when there is no great user experience. This must be the top priority. Your business can have a great chance of winning the tight competition when your site is solid and relevant. This is the main reason why you have to test the market through soft launching. After everything is cleared and polished, you can hold a grand launching activity and wait for your business to thrive so hard.

Conclusion: Find the right web design firm!

You want nothing but success, right? Your business can succeed when you are getting help from a professional and credible provider. You have to find the best web design agency to create a perfect website for your business. The given steps above are part of the entire website design process. You can succeed when those steps are followed by the hired website design firm.

Meet your potential customers’ needs and desires. This is through this way where you can elevate your brand to the next level. Your business website plays a great role in relation to this matter. That means your site should be able to satisfy its users. This is the main key to success.

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