Four Cult Fashion Items That Are Trendy All the Time

Cult Fashion Items That Are Trendy All the Time

Darkwave and Goth culture have been around for quite some time. Even though the Gothic style originated in the Medieval Era, it was not until the 1970s that the fundamental characteristics of its current manifestation were determined. Neo-Goths resembled punk rockers of the late 1970s and early 1980s. They also wore black clothing with a slew of metal accessories and leather embellishments. However, the Gothic style eventually developed its own characteristics.

While this style may not be for everyone, it has had a significant impact on how the world perceives fashion today. Many other subcultures emerged as a result of the Goth movement, and more popular styles adopted elements of the Goth look. Here are a few cult Goth fashion items that are always in style.

1. Black brim hat

This witchy accessory blew everyone’s mind when it was popularized by the goth culture. It’s classy and fashionable, the basic formula for an evergreen item that will never get out of style. It can be combined with every outfit. If you wear a black t-shirt with your favorite jeans or if you rock a little black dress with a dark-colored cardigan. You can even wear it with your favorite light denim jacket, the options are virtually endless.

This black brimmed hat did not originate from the goth culture but it’s a big part of cult clothing and is expected to be around for a long time. It’s a fashion statement that indicates someone’s romanticistic personality and fondness for a good post-punk or goth song. The best part about this hat is that you can incorporate it into your outfits regardless of your fashion style.

2. Chokers

goth culture

Although chokers were popular in the victorian era, the goths brought them back into the 20th century. In the Goth culture, chokers can be plain and silky, they can be made out of lace, or made with black beads. You can even find leather and latex ones, but every single one of them will be black.

The best thing about chokers is that they can be found in any shape and size. Goths might’ve popularized them back in the 70s, but a wide range of different fashion styles have adapted them to their own design. If you plan to incorporate the choker in your outfits, remember that this necklace will never get old because of its many different variations and styles. Nowadays you can find chokers in many different colors and with a variety of pendants and additions.

3. Black chunky shoes

No matter if we’re talking about heeled platform boots or simple heavy-duty black leather boots, the Goth culture showed the world how to wear them with style. The only requirement for the boots is to be colored black and made out of leather. We are not going to mention combinations with this kind of shoes because you can truly wear them with whatever you want.

Another option is black creepers which became really popular after the Second World War and were there for every subculture that emerged since then. Black platformed doll shoes are another choice that will never get out of style because of cult fashion. So, the goth subculture promoted a style of shoe that is predominantly black, made of leather, and chunky, and for that, we are grateful.

4. Belts and chains

These types of accessories have been around since the dawn of time, but the goths showed us how to rock them in the 20th century with style and grace. Goths wear belts around the thigh and chains that hang from their ear to the nose. This type of addition to an outfit is crucial if you’re trying to awaken the goth in you.

You might not want a chain to hang to your nose, but you certainly can hang a couple of them around your waistline and neck. Remember that overaccessorizing is not a thing among the greater part of the goth community and their fashion sense, so you can wear as many belts and chains as you please.

Final thoughts

These are only a small part of the fashion items that are trendy all the time thanks to the occult, witchy and Goth style. Other honorable mentions are black long cardigans, big rings in different styles, full-body fishnets, and many more. The Goth culture popularized a lot of fashion items that were almost forgotten in the middle ages.

The greatest part about all of these Goth fashion trends is that you can wear them with your outfits regardless of the style you’re rocking. You can find these items in any color you want and incorporate them into your daily wear.

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