5 innovative packaging design approaches

Package design represents a key part of marketing a particular commodity in the market. It has been a common norm that best packaged products are more likely to attract the attention of the viewers. Owing to this, many top companies have designed innovatively packaged products. The appeal of the products increases owing to the highly innovative and attractive packaging. Let us have a look at some of these packaged products.


  • Lingerie modeled packaging

The lingerie model places emphasis on attracting the taste buds of the masculine sex. Though it sounds kinky, it has actually worked in the Russian region where this idea was developed. The Pantyhose designed approach, is a fun and enticing way of attracting people’s attention. This idea has been used in case of marketing beverage tin cans, wherein the pantyhose design featured prominently on the packaging design of the cans.


  • Fruit based packaging

Well what better than using the packaging structure of the actual fruit for particular fruit juice beverages? For example, strawberry structured folding carton has been used for selling strawberry juice while for orange juice; orange shaped and structured approach has been chosen.. The idea is that if you touch the packaged material, you can feel the particular fruit. This makes the idea of buying the particular fruit juice even more appealing!

  • Word based packaging

This was done on an experimental basis, but milk was recently packaged in a plastic casing made in the structure of the word MILK. The dimensions of the packaged box were the same as that of a normal plastic can of equivalent concentration, just that the packaging was done in the form of MILK word.


  • Coca-Cola’s special edition packaging

Coca-Cola released special edition bottles which were packaged with the imprint of topics such as Football and many other aspects. This not only made for an attractive viewing, but also gave the company a marketing edge over competitors.

  • Evian’s packaging design

Evian, the premium mineral water company, made a special edition glass water bottle which resembled the shape of Alpine mountaintops from which Evian claims to get its water from. This innovative approach certainly captured the attention of the consumers.

The innovative packaging design approaches have helped the companies to obtain a marketing edge or for catching the attention of the target audience. In either case, the companies and products have surely benefitted from using an innovative method for packaging design.

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