5 most expensive phone cases

It is not enough to have the latest iPhone5 or Blackberry or any other trendy gadget that enhances connectivity and performs a lot of functions like GPS tracking, conference calling, keeping in touch with the world through video downloads and of course image and data sharing. The “bling” only happens when you have a case to match the phone, and sometimes a case that is much more expensive than the phone itself. There are several mediums that designers work with to produce unique and beautiful cases for millionaires and rock stars. Of course being works of art done in precious substances these cases are obscenely expensive. The five most expensive cases are made of the following substances:



Gold has been a symbol for status, wealth and prestige ever since humans started using money as mode of exchange and not barter. Solid gold cases are a common sight these days, but cases that have gems inlaid within the gold casing are a different story altogether. A custom made gold case with a design on the back laid out with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other precious substances is one of the most ultimate examples of “bling”. Most of these cases are custom made according to preferences of the buyer and form a significant asset in the inventory of valuable goods owned by the owner of the case.


It is true that platinum lacks the shine and allure of gold, but it is still a very expensive metal. For people who are rich enough to buy an exotic and expensive case and yet are cultured enough not to want to flaunt their money through the streets for the benefit of the public, platinum is an excellent choice. It is understated yet elegant and a mark of the true connoisseur.


Leather might sound a bit cheap but when the case is done by an internationally famous fashion house like Luis Vitton or Armani, the case is definitely a work of art. The cases are made of alligator skin or snake skin and in some cases even shark skin. The glamour of expensive leather goods is a great enticement to the wealthy youth, who want to promote their macho reputation and yet carry something that denotes status and wealth. The only drawback of leather cases is that they do not leave the screen accessible and thus the phone has to be pulled out if the case whenever it is needed to be used.


A lacquer case is delicate and lovely. The painstaking labour that goes into the manufacture of a lacquer makes it practically priceless. In auctions a lacquer case designed by a prominent artist generates tremendous interest among the buyers and outrageous bidding in the auction hall. A lacquer case symbolises the confidence and ease of the owner who can own such beautiful and delicate thing.


A flashy thing always attracts attention. A young man who wants the entire world to look at him will buy his lover with a glittering phone case that shines with Swarovski crystals, all perfectly matched with each other. The glimmer and glitter of the case is guaranteed to turn more than a few men, and to generate envy and hatred among many of the women who cannot afford this sort of expensive gadgets. The crystals can be set into any pattern according to the will of the owner and upon completion the owner is resplendent with light as he pulls out the case in public. The shimmering rainbow light conveys an unearthly message to all and sundry that the owner of the phone is rich and powerful.

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