5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Wine Carafe For Your Home

When Choosing A Wine Carafe For Your Home

A wine carafe (also known as a wine decanter) is used to hold and pour wine. They are also used to aerate the wine by pouring it in a circular motion, which helps release aromas and flavors into the air without losing too much of the liquid to evaporation. Wine carafes are available in several different styles and materials, so when you’re choosing one to match your décor, it’s important to make sure you take into account the following five things.

1. Consider if you need a decanter at all

Some wines do benefit from decanting, but some may lose their original flavor in the process. For wines that have aged in barrels, it’s often not necessary because they already breathe through small pores on their surface. If you’re just looking to pour wine from a bottle into your glass, all you need is a wine carafe. Consider one made of crystal or glass if you don’t plan on using it every day—you might want something more durable than glass.

2. Check your space before choosing

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Although wine carafes can be found in different sizes, it’s important that you measure your available space before making your purchase. You don’t want to end up with something too big or too small—you also don’t want it too tall, as you may have trouble pouring into smaller glasses. There are also some who believe that red wines should never be decanted because they lose their aromas and other components of their flavor profiles in process, so keep that in mind as well.

3. Consider the design

The le chateau wine decanter is made of thin glass, with beautiful detailing on its sides. If you’re just serving wine occasionally and aren’t worried about everyday use and wear, go with one that looks nice. If you plan on using your carafe daily and entertaining often, choose one that feels durable and seems like it will last. While both of these examples have an eye-catching design, keep in mind that function is key—the best carafes also look good.

They should fit into your décor and feel like they belong at your table. Think about what colors or patterns might clash with other items in your home, too; if you don’t want a le chateau wine decanter sitting out all day long, perhaps select something more understated. Whatever kind of container you end up selecting, make sure it can hold enough wine for how you intend to use it.

4. Look at the materials

red wine into the carafe

It’s important to be picky about your wine carafe material. Some of them are made of cheap glass and will break with ease; others may stain after prolonged use. What you want is something that’s tough and able to handle being handled with care. A wine decanter like Le Chateau Wine Decanter, or one from Luminarc, have high-quality glasses that won’t leak and stand out from a distance. The best part? You can actually see how much wine is left in your bottle!

5. Think about functionality

The le chateau wine decanter is an elegant, decorative item that can be used to store your favorite wine or act as a centerpiece on your dinner table. But most importantly, it should provide you with one of these two things: Aesthetics and functionality. Decanters are made from different materials, so you must choose one based on what works best for you and your needs. For example, if form matters more than function (and money isn’t an issue), go with crystal.

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