5 Ways to Keep Your Home Warmer

Ways to Keep Your Home Warmer

As soon as the temperatures begin to go down, people are engaging in some last-minute preparations to get their homes ready for the cold season. From cleaning the gutters to insulating the water pipes, there are several essential things that residents need to do ahead of time to winterize their living space.

Probably the most important thing on that checklist is warming up the household. Winter is characterized by subfreezing temperatures, especially if you live in colder regions, so your home should be nice and toasty at all times.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can warm up your house, from upgrading your HVAC system to incorporating fuzzy rugs. All you have to do is consider your needs and budget and make a few changes around your home to heat it up and make it cozier for the cold months ahead.

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To get you started, here are five effective ways you can keep your living space warm this season.

1. Install a floor heating system

If there is one thing that people hate, it is walking on cold floors in winter. Whether it is in the bathroom, the bedroom or living room, this can be so discomforting on the feet and additionally make the household feel colder than it actually is.

You can easily fix this by installing underfloor heating in your home. These floor heating systems will keep your feet warm for hours as well as help save you money on your utility bills due to their energy-efficiency quality. They are safe to use and will keep your living space comfortably heated at all times.

2. Cover hard floors with rugs

If you are looking for an alternative way to warm up your hard floors, then you should consider implementing rugs. This decorative piece will add a layer of insulation to the floor, trapping the cool air from underneath and keeping it from seeping up and cooling the room.

Besides warming up your home, rugs are a great way to style up a room as you can find them in various styles, designs and colors that will match the rest of your decor. Shaggy rugs are the best as they can provide the most warmth while brightening up your living space on a cold winter’s day.

3. Use curtains

Curtains are another effective way to keep your home warm during the cold season. They provide a barrier between the outside elements and the indoors, preventing cool air from entering inside.

Most homeowners opt for thick curtains as they are the best in protecting the house from losing heat through the windows. Be sure to open them during the day to let natural sunlight in and shut them once the sun goes down. In the dark, your curtains will act as another layer of insulation to retain the warmth inside your house.

4. Insulate the walls

Because the cool air can easily pass through the walls and make your home feel colder, you should also consider insulating your walls. Such insulation will act as a barrier for the heat and instantly warm up your living space by reducing the amount of heat escaping in winter. This will make your home feel more comfortable and even help reduce your heating bills in the long run.

Besides this, wall insulation will also come in handy during summer as it will be able to keep the warm air from entering inside, keeping your home cooler.

5. Put a shelf above the radiators

If you use radiator heaters to warm up your home, you should consider putting a shelf above them to help stop the hot air from rising upward too quickly. This is especially useful to do if your radiator is placed below a window with curtains, where the warm air would be trapped between the two.

Just remember when you are installing your floating shelf to not place it too close to the radiator or decorate it with things that can get damaged from the heat. A few souvenirs and picture frames would be just fine.

Final thoughts

Winter is the coldest season of the year which means it is important that you make your home warm and cozy during the colder months. Luckily, there are many ways how you can do this, depending on your needs, available space and budget. From installing a floor heating system to insulating your walls, choose the warming method that best suits you and keep your living space nice and toasty during winter.

If you need help along the way, refer back to our post and borrow some of the ideas mentioned here to warm up your home this season.

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