6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of your Push Notifications

Getting the Most Out of your Push Notifications

Being a marketer, you always fear losing customers, and sadly with every Google algorithm update, your fear maximizes. From search engines to social media sites, all have algorithms. Well, sometimes these algorithms work in your favour, but this may not for the long run. This is why android push notifications exist in the market and are called a game-changer.

Are you aware of push notifications? If not, let us know first.

A Quick Glance To Push Notification

Have you seen the pop-up message on your screen from the browser? This is called push notification. One of the fantastic things about push notifications is that you can ask your customers to be your subscribers anytime you want. Moreover, you can send them messages anytime without taking them to your site. In a nutshell, push notification allows you to stay connected with your customers for the long run.

Regardless, the amazing thing about android push notifications is whenever you get a click on notifications; you will gain traffic to your site. Another best part of this is that you do not need to stress algorithms and the audience who missed your notification. Doesn’t it sound cool?

Based on the current statistics, push notification is a much better technique to get traffic and boost the ROI of the site.

So, now the question is how to grow your traffic via push notifications? Here are the six best tips to make the most out of it.

6 Best Tips That Will Grow Your Traffic To Your Site

1.     Engage with your customers

If you know your customer’s prerequisites, no one can stop you from winning higher user engagement. Basically, you have to play emotionally with your customers by giving them exactly what they are searching for. This is one of the proven techniques that assist you in building loyalty with your customers. Users often demand legit businesses to trust blindly and get the most out of your site and app. So, by pampering them emotionally according to their preferences, you can roll the ball in your court.

2.     Play the Movie at the right time and place

Timing is extremely crucial to be in your customer’s touch. For instance, your customer is hungry and starving for food, and your notification pop-up. Obviously, it will be clickable. Thus, delivering the message at the right time makes a huge difference. However, the nature of the message varies, be it promotional or non-promotional, while on the other side, messages such as transactional messages should be delivered on time, such as bank updates and mobile recharges.

Now you must be wondering how you would know the right time. The answer is location. If the user turns on the location, you can access the data and message them to be their true friend.

3.     Send Them Promo Deals

Sending promo codes, vouchers, and offers to your customers via push notification has a 60% chance of getting traffic and making sales. Countless Ecommerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, and more are already doing this and enjoying massive results. Let your users know upcoming and current deals, promo codes, and more with push notifications with deep links that take them straight to your site or sales page. 

4.     Create A Fear of Missing The Best

No one wants to miss the best deal, especially ladies. So Bang on! Creating a sense of urgency or missing out special always plays a vital role to get the most out of the push notifications. When you notify your users about the best deals, they eventually take action and give you colossal business. Considering an example of Amazon, it doesn’t need promotion, but still, they invest more in marketing by creating awesome deals on festivals by creating limited-time sales. 

5.     Send Abandoned Cart Reminders

Sending abandoned cart reminders are the best push notification technique to close the deal. Remember, you do not need to be too forceful. Give your customers time, so they can make a decision. There is always a chance that customers come back when they feel convenient to shop. Wait for 72 hours, and nothing is worked, then send them push notifications to remind them about the cart. If they are still not back, then send them a discount on the same to close the cart.

6.     Ask To Share Their Reviews

If you are one who is worrying about negative reviews, then get straight. Negative comments can assist you in becoming better and resultant you will come as the big brand. Use push notifications to allow your customers to share their valuable experience on your site, be it customer support, quality of products, and more. Nevertheless, not every user come eagerly to share their reviews but yes, from 100 out of 20 may help you. So, inculcate their views and try to become better.

Wrapping Up Things

Sending out push notifications at the right time along with more given tips are not enough. You would need to pay hard efforts in writing content that looks better and relatable to your customer’s needs. Thus, they act faster.

Well, doing everything on your own is daunting; thus, adding WonderPush to your site makes good sense. It is one of the best android push notification tools to generate more traffic to your site and make huge profits. So, what are you waiting for? Roll the ball now!

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