7 Tips To Add An Edge To The Home Interiors

Add An Edge To The Home Interiors

Homeowners are always on the lookout for different ways to give any space an edge. It could be the addition of wall art or replacement of the curtains, but it is as though you just wave a magic wand and the space fits perfectly. Having spent a lot of time indoors this year, we have realized the importance of cozy, beautiful spaces and there is a way to create them without incurring a huge expense. An edge is something you cannot explain, it is not just one thing but it is the look of overall space and how easily it comes together and sticks with you. You do not need to hire an interior designer to set aside a huge budget to get the edge in your space. Here are a few tips to help you with the same.

1. Less is more

beauitiful home interiors

You will come across several wonderful pieces to add to the space and they will compete for attention. It could become confusing for you to pick one which is why you need to remember that less is more. Always keep the ‘wow’ elements limited or place them at different locations so that it is not thrown at someone in one hit. It will remove the effortless effect and could also come across as trying too hard, which is not how home interiors should look. Avoid cluttering the space and focus on modest luxury, it is more relatable.

2. Choose uniqueness

You need to look for unique products to add to your home. It does not mean looking for expensive products but looking for uniqueness in them. You can find furniture, wallpapers, products, and paint colors that will look different and attractive. Everything need not be unique but you can find certain products that can make the space ‘one of a kind’. There are several vintage things you can add to the living room and make it a focal point of your home.

3. Plan the concept in detail

 unique furniture

The interiors in your home should be carefully planned in detail. It is easy to make a spontaneous buy and bring home new furniture but it is best to go ahead with a plan. You need to have a concept for the space and then look for pieces that will blend together, complement each other, and have a sense of belonging with the theme of the house. You can pick one space in the house like the bar area and bring home unique furniture like bright bar stools and funky pieces of art that attract attention to the space.

4. Think volume

Do not make everything oversize. You do not need heavy furniture for a small space or large wall pieces for a small wall. Always think of the volume when you plan a space. Whether you are decorating the living room, bedroom, or any other space in the house, always keep the dimensions and available space in mind.

5. Do not ignore the ceiling

classy chandelier

We often forget about the ceiling and never think of the ways it can add an edge to the space. Most of us are under the impression that just because the ceiling is out of our sight, it does not matter much but this is wrong. If you forget the ceiling, it will bring the entire space down. It will scream a lack of attention to detail. Hence, when you are planning a space, you must always think of ways to enhance the ceiling. It can be done in a simple and budget-friendly manner like adding unique light fixtures, classy chandeliers, or interesting paint.

6. Add an element of surprise

You can make the guests in your home turn the corner and say wow after looking at the interiors. This strong element of surprise could be anything that makes the home fun, unexpected and interesting. It is also a very effective way of having a strong impact on those who enter the home. However, this element of surprise should blend with the theme of the house.

7. Choose unexpected color schemes

unexpected color scheme

Finally, think of a fun and quirky color scheme that represents your style. Take a look at the different types of colors to ensure that they complement but do not be too afraid to try a new color or create your own color schemes. As long as it looks unique, it will add an edge to the space. You can also mix up the accessories like bright cushion covers to make the room feel fresh.

When you set to design a space, keep these tips in mind to add an edge. You do not need to try everything mentioned here, even a couple of tips and tricks can enhance the space in no time.

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