8 – Innovative alternatives to cubicles that are totally worth it

bucket inflatable Office pod produced by Inflate

In this era, man is so very busy and often the workspace becomes the second home. In fact, most of us come to our homes only to sleep. And homes are supposed to be special, are they not? Well, why not your office then? In fact, most modern offices provide cubicles in the name of working space, and that surely that is no homely atmosphere! They neither promote comfort nor productivity. Moreover, they are claustrophobic as well and just adds up to all the fatigue from hard work. However, by opting for certain alternatives to cubicles, we can make a difference. Such cubicles might shape our workspace for the better and even increase the productivity of employees. If you are looking cubicles like that, you have come to the right place. Here are some employee-friendly cubicle designs for the modern employee.

List of the alternatives to cubicles

1.     Echopanel Platoon Modular Screen System by Kirei

Echopanel Platoon Modular Screen System by Kirei

Most of the alternatives to cubicles have a major shortcoming. They find themselves terribly lacking in style and finesse. The working space does not necessarily have to be devoid of style and this particular model is just a fine reminder of that proposition. This modular panel system constructed by Kirei is thus a great alternative for a cubicle as it offers the right space and comfort to the employee and also provides fine styling.

2.     Secret Air by objectb’ art

This has all the ingredients that could potentially provide you with an ideal workspace. If you are tired of the prison like depressing cubicles then opt for this fine model which is constructed from a single piece of molded plastic. Alongside the usual comfortable seating this design also has room for a vertical are for the memos and also a desktop. The workers badly need some flexibility in their working area and this provides for just the right space where the employees can both enjoy the privacy and also have the sense of a community.

3.     Office in the form of a box by Toshihiko Suzuki for Kenchikukagu

Office in the form of a box by Toshihiko Suzuki for Kenchikukagu

The Japanese have not built the best workforce in the world in terms of efficiency by making them sit in cubicles. This Japanese design is modern interior designing at its very best with a system that allows great mobility. The office has changing requirements and to adapt to them this workspace can be rotated shifted or moved around the office. It’s is also extremely portable because it can be folded up into a briefcase and can later on be rolled out wherever necessary. This truly is the star among the latest office décor idea.

4.     Office made in the form of a bucket inflatable Office pod produced by Inflate

bucket inflatable Office pod produced by Inflate

Speak of privacy and this is potentially the best among the alternatives for cubicles. The high mobility that is provided with this device allows it to be moved around with ease. It can be easily inflated into a circular room and that has enough space to be used as a meeting room as well. The system is visually and acoustically a form of a separated pod. If boredom creeps in through the cubicles, this will provide the workers just the perfect working conditions and motivation.

5.     Spiral Stack Workstation by RISD

This is a complex model among the alternatives for cubicles and can be a great option for usage. There is a central post in this system around which a number of L-shaped pieces freely rotate. The user can be provided with a number of options and forms of usage as per the rotations conducted. The best part of this device is that when it will not be in use, one could easily fold it up in a mat and place it against the walls. It would look just as if it were a work of art lingering on the walls.

6.     Solar Powered Outdoor Workspace by Mathias Schnyder

Solar Powered Outdoor Workspace by Mathias Schnyder

We could not have skipped on this one while speaking of an employee-friendly design. If regular work indoors is extremely monotonous and you itch for the breath of fresh air, consider seriously the usage of this particular model. They are eco friendly as it uses the solar energy to power the appliances. Apart from that, the fact that it can easily be carried outside gives a lot of scope for the employee. Those offices with a lot of outdoor area and pleasant weather conditions can make good use of this particular model and have them installed. There is no match for sunshine when it comes to productivity and this surely would rank among the best alternatives to cubicles.

7.     Focus Dividers by Note Design Studio

Focus Dividers by Note Design Studio

The specialty of this particular design is the fact that it can be easily bent or curved into any shapes to meet certain requirements. They do provide with segregated space. However, the challenge would be to find for the acoustic and experiential constraints that one would have while working in a cubicle. The device like most others in the list is highly mobile. In fact, it comes with the greatest of ease. Time is ripe to move over cubicles with such fine ideas!

8. The general informal workspace:

One of the major problems faced by employees in an office full of cubicles is the ambiance it creates. The confinement does creativity no good and the biggest of companies have come to this realization quite fast. So if you grab a sneak peak in the offices of the likes of Facebook or Google, you would see that they have done away with the confinement and restrictions. The office in these companies has the most informal décor and the monotonous cubicles have made way for some cool sofas and couches and comfortable chairs. The idea is to make the workers work in an environment which does not frequently remind them that they are at work. If we go by the output of these companies, the idea has clearly worked. They hey have found themselves one of the most potent alternatives for cubicles.

Final words

What we displayed right now is modern interior designing at its best. Use all the latest office décor idea and enjoy the positive changes in the working atmosphere. A cubicle is never the best of working places and time is ripe for the employees to seek better alternatives which make them feel better about their work environment.

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