Activator PC bridges gap between the digital and physical world


Innovative minds never stop thinking! This is precisely the reason why we see so many gadgets all across the globe. Laptops and smart phones have made the world shrink, where everything is just a touch away. If you are one amongst those who think that technology is at its peak and it is practically impossible to come with something better, then you ought to read ahead. Yoori Koo from South Korea has designed a PC, dubbed as Activator, for the year 2010.

In ancient times, people used to calculate and keep a record by drawing on the ground and walls. Over the years, this took the shape of various tools like abacus, chalkboard, calendar, phone and computers. As technology and science progressed, analogous stuff got swapped into digital forms. These kept refining with each passing day and present products are a fine example of advanced technology. The world is at its digital best and designers are leaving no stone unturned to give it an overhaul. Now, the Activator seeks to fill the existing gap (if there is any) between the digital and physical world.

The designer anticipates that by 2020 every object around the globe will come wrapped with invisible smart particles over cloud computing. The pen-shaped device will be nothing less than a magic wand. Simply, draw the shape and the objects will be activated, and will be able to visualize “Digital Device Contents.” Each and every device of a graspable nature will be present as contents. The futuristic device will be easy to use and will make lives simpler. All a user has to do is select a desired application that they wish to exploit. Now, draw the range of an object as per the purpose and the chosen device will be activated within the desired range. Wow! Activator will change the digital scene and make users live an enthralling experience.

[Thanks Yoori]

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