C/dock allows an instant charge to your iPhone


Do you remember those crazy nights when you were so exhausted and tired that bed was the only thing visible to you and how desperately you wanted a sound sleep. You see one hurdle between you and your sleep. Your phone’s battery is low and you must recharge it. Can you afford to ignore this warning? Probably not, if your whole life surrounds around important business calls. Worse can be if you cannot find your charger or have left it in the car. Nothing can be worse than this.

But, you can relax now. Technology has been kind to us. James from Portland, Oregon, has created a device which is a perfect buddy of your perfect iPhone.

The gadget promises to give you a restful sleep, because with this you just need to start your choice of clock application and slide your iPhone inside this device. The clock starts to dock while your phone begins to get charged. This device is a thick piece of solid walnut which comes in two different color plates – brushed aluminum or glossy resin and has a six foot long USB cable. You can even use it as a photo frame which can show your family pictures while you are at work or use it as a small screen to catch up with your favorite shows.

But every elegant thing comes with a price. You can bring this idea in reach of everyone. This dream project can only come into reality, if it is pledged for $20,000 by Friday, August 19th, 2011, 6:15 pm EDT. If funds are available by then, this device can be yours as well.

Via: C/Dock

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