Add Style To Your Look With These Fashion Tips For Women Over 50

look fashionable and sexy

Fashion trends constantly change, and this fact is not restricted to any age group. In today’s world, a woman wants to look her best at all times. When you are young, you have the benefit of trying out different types of styles to see what looks best on you. However, as you age, the style factor becomes a little challenging to handle. Well, if you are 50 and above, this factor turns extremely difficult to tackle. But do not fret. These fashion tips for women over 50 will ensure that you never outdate your fashion game.

Style tips for women with a  heavy bust


Women who are blessed with a naturally heavy bust can definitely flaunt it without making it look too vulgar. Choosing deep necklines and off shoulders will help to reduce the impact of the heavy bust. Simply ensure that the off shoulder is more of a semi circle than a V-shape. This will help to reduce the heaviness and give your bust a slender look.

You can also choose to go with necklines like the scoop, pot, or even a princess cut. Just avoid the rectangular or square shaped necklines. Remember that the neck should be deep enough to reduce the effects of the heavy bust.

Go bold with prints and motifs

Go bold

Prints and motifs are the easiest way to bring in a new look to your dressing. One of the best fashion tips for women over 50 on this front is to go more with abstract prints and motifs. This will help to bring in the element of style along with a new and refreshing look.

Choosing flowey materials will help to give your body a more defined look.  Since you have crossed 50, opting for colorful dresses instead of solids will give your fashion wardrobe a huge makeover. Avoid clinging onto solid shades.

How to look fashionable in short dresses

look fashionable

Just because you are 50+, it does not mean that you cannot wear short dresses. While choosing a short dress, the first thing to consider is your body shape and height. This is one of the most useful fashion tips for women over 50. Make sure that the length of the dress highlights your legs in the right way.

For women who have heavy thighs, avoid wearing dresses that are above the knee level. High heels will definitely work miracles with your look. For women who have joint problems, platforms or leveled heels work better than the pencil heels. Even ballerinas are a great way to style your dress.

Style tips for women who love overcoats

women who love overcoats

Wearing an overcoat is a very good way to add a style element to your attire. The catch here is that you should choose the right type of overcoat. Fashion tips for women over 50 on this front includes choosing the right type of coat based on the occasion.

For example, if you are opting for a professional look, stick to the classic black. However, you can also play with light colors to complement your dress.  Similarly, on a casual note, you can choose to have a lightweight free flowing overcoat instead of a think-based one.

How to look fashionable and sexy at the same time

look fashionable and sexy

Age is just a number and there is no denying that. Even if you 50, you can still look fashionable and sexy at the same time. The trick to this trade is to understand the type of colors that will suit you. Similarly, even the size of the prints you choose plays a vital role.

Paying close attention to the drape or cut of the attire will help you make the right choice. If you are heavy on the stomach area or hips, avoid body-fitting clothes. This is because it will catch the attention of people in the wrong places.

Covering up the flabby skin

Covering up the flabby skin

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity. Similarly, if you lose weight, you may end up with a lot of flabby skin. One of the most common areas where women can have such problems is their arms.  Fashion tips for women over 50 on this front are to choose sleeves that are more feminine and defined.

Bell sleeves, the simple full sleeves, or even elbow length sleeves will help to reduce the flabbiness around the arms.  Avoid going sleeveless since that can make your arm flab visible . Instead, choose a short sleeve with a proper fit to give it a nice and definite shape.

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