AquaIris solar water purifier for travelers

acquairis water purifier

Talia Radford Cryns has designed a water purifier called AquaIris. AquaIris is a portable water purifier which is made for tourists who travel along the tropics. The AquaIris is a beautifully designed portable water purifier, which uses sunlight to purify contaminated water and make it clean and safe for drinking.

AquaIris purifies water in three steps: collection, neutralization of pathogens and filtration. To fill the water in AquaIris, a small hole is provided on top of it. When the water is collected in AquaIris, it passes through a small filter. The filter is attached to a band on the AquaIris, which helps in carrying the portable water purifier on your shoulders. The filter can be removed for further cleaning.

When the water passes through the filter, it is absorbed by a layer of crystals which converts sunlight into UVC frequency. The UVC frequency has powerful germicidal qualities, which kills all the harmful germs in the water. Finally, we get clean, safe and purified drinking water.

AquaIris looks like a transparent, irregular-shaped bottle when it is full and when it is empty, it looks like a small fancy bag. AquaIris, with its UV filtering quality, is the perfect companion of travelers who are health conscious.


technology of aquairis water purifier

aquairis design

aquairis band

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