Kill stress with Smile V.1 on your wrist

smile v 1 watch

Smile is infectious and spreads faster than anything. In today’s stressful world people are in search of enough reasons to bring a smile on their face, which gets lost somewhere in the difficulties one faces. With a motive to make you smile every time you read time is Smile V.1, designed by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Based on the Uzumaki spiraling watch concept, this watch will bring down your stress levels every time you see it smile at you. It comes equipped with LED back lighting and also glows when one enters a dark zone. The time provider exploits a special quartz movement. The watch has two eyes and an up curved circle that represents a lip. The left eye with a red outline represents the hour hand, the green colored right eye the minute hand and a cute smiling lip the seconds counter/hand.

So, next time if someone close to you is in a sad state, you know what gift will actually bring a smile on their face.

smile watch 1

smile watch 2

Via: Tokyoflash

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