Locate areas the modern way with Arthurian 528 Navigator

arthurian 528

Global Positioning System (GPS) has become an integral part of almost all the electronic gadgets. Be it an MP3 player or a mobile phone, this application which is space based global navigation satellite system, makes available steadfast information about place and time in any part of the world.

Zyane Tan has designed Arthurian 528, a Navigator project which clubs the modern and traditional technologies to find direction. Apart from a GPS it comes wrapped with a conventional compass which is used for finding direction comparative to the earth’s magnetic field. The tool looks like a classy case which comes embedded with a Pull-and-Turn Knob. When you have to uncover the gadget, simply pull the knob once and release the lens cover. After that for a much clearer view in terms of reading locations, pull the knob again and turn it to fine-tune zoom.

With this up-to-the-minute yet traditional gadget finding locations won’t be much of a pain.

arthurian 1

arthurian 2

arthurian 3

[Cheers Zyane]

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