Create random, lively music notes with Hyper Touch Guitar

hyper touch guitar

Conceived and created by Max Battaglia of Givingshape Design Studio, the Hyper-Touch-Guitar is a concept electric instrument that ditches strings for a multi-touch screen. The guitarist or the user can create custom tunes by changing the number of strings and frets. He can also change sound effects as per his wish. The string-less guitar allows the user to play the instrument with smooth multi-touch frets. It produces original soothing sound.

The Hyper Touch Guitar is provided with a wireless command center, which helps the guitarist to create custom tunes. The command center is a great feature that conventional guitars lack. The Hyper Touch electric Guitar comes in six colors – Red, Green, Black, Brown, White and Silver. The body is made of reflective materials, which gives it a wild look. The easy-to-handle instrument also flaunts a slim body for the would-be guitarists.

electric multi touch screen guitar

hyper touch electric guitar

hyper touch guitar volume and tone control knobs

hyper touch guitar front view

[Cheers Max]

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