Aquatip will give a new lease of life to people without fingers

prosthetic finger

The concept:

A prosthetic finger named Aquatip, designed by Leticia Cervantes is here to change the way people without fingers live. This very useful piece of equipment that comes filled with a liquid bladder with exposed ends will let the user get a sense of touch. This bladder works on Pascal’s principle because of which the liquid will travel to the other end because of the pressure on one side. Such a situation will create a bubble which will cause sensation after it moves ahead and touches the skin.

It comes attached with a security strap that has been crafted out of rubber latex. This strap momentarily is fixed on the palm and top of the hand after it envelops around the remaining finger. Simply washing the adhesive will reactivate Aquatip, hence no extra effort or expenditure is involved in it. This equipment with a liquid bladder can also be used by those who have some difficulty with finger movements. The prosthetic finger will help people with restricted finger movement or those without fingers to perform all tasks with its capability to make them feel.

The Target:

Aquatip has been specifically designed for those who have a problem related to their fingers. It can be any kind of problem, like difficulty in movement or even for those who have lost their fingers because of some accident. This restricts them from grasping things with all the strength which can be solved by using a prosthetic finger.

The need:

People who don’t have fingers face a lot of trouble while writing and eating. It becomes difficult for them to hold a pen, spoon, knife or fork. Besides this they also lose all the strength required to grasp things, hence probability of holding objects properly without their chances of falling down lessens. At times a state of missing fingers may also lead to some psychological trauma. But the presence of prosthetic fingers will help them lead a normal life, hence kicking aside the ordeal faced on an everyday basis.

The solution:

The prosthetic finger with a liquid bladder will definitely help people having any kind of problem related to fingers. This tool comes with a security strap that can be effortlessly covered around the rest of the finger and further can be fastened on the top of the hand plus on the palm temporarily. The inside of a prosthetic finger comes filled with a liquid bladder that has exposed ends. Once the skin around the existing portion of the finger is moved, it in turn activates the movement of the prosthetic finger. The prosthetic finger moves as a movement sensor present on it gets signals when the original finger sets into motion. Hence, it helps people perform tasks without much difficulty.

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