Architecture trends that are bound to dominate the near future

The world is developing with each passing day and with it, the architecture is evolving too. The issues of modern time aren’t the same as they were in antiquity. What was a luxury about a decade ago is now a necessity. It is because of this painful fact, nowadays, designs outdate pretty quickly. Therefore, it is necessary for us to find design ideas that are here to stay. Design ideas that embrace both the concepts of sustainability and functionality. Architecture isn’t the same anymore. Architectural practices are shedding the old flaws, being more eco-friendly in construction and using all modern trends in their ideas. Here are some architectural trends in commercial architecture that are bound to dominate the future.

9 important architecture trends for the future

1.     The use of natural materials and natural looks

hand crafted brickwork and concrete.

The rugged industrial look is fast becoming a thing of the past. People are now favoring looks created by the natural materials and by colors. People are swiftly replacing glass and metal coverage with hand crafted brickwork and concrete. There is a noticeable usage of timber and rammed earth as it brings texture and warmth in the houses.

This probably stems from the ancient Indian urge of being close to nature. This is the introductory stage after which people lean towards the eco friendly choices and have solar designs along with hypoallergenic insulations. This also points towards a future possibility of natural pools and more usage of the solar panels in the residential architecture trends 2018.

2.     Pools above ground

Among residential architecture trends 2018 this has been the surprise entry in the list. These pools positioned above the grounds are usually not very big in size. The purpose served through these pools is mostly having a water view from the rooms or kitchens. They may be deep but are usually found to be of waist height which fits the bill perfectly for a nice cocktail pool party. So it has a more decorative purpose than actually being a pool used for swimming.

3.     Small designs are being noticed

Small designs are being noticed

Gone are the days of the huge houses back in the day. The world is faced with a population explosion and a shortage of land. Rising land prices are making people compelled to settle for the lesser spaces. As houses are getting shorter and smaller if we look at the modern trends in architecture, people are focusing more on the intricate designs in their houses. Since nobody is ready to compromise on the quality of life on offer, the architects now have to put in the best of designs to accommodate every amenity in the smaller space.

4.     Eco friendly architecture

While we talk about architecture trends for the future, this is probably the most spoken about change that we have observed. Eco friendly architecture is taking over the domains of architecture partly to suit some government guidelines and mostly because people are growing conscious. There is thus a rising trend of adding a garden or a green rooftop even among the trends in commercial architecture. There is also an increase in green walls and indoor green parks.

We have observed a much more usage of timber and cross laminated timber than what was prevalent before. The tendency to have an outdoor living space or a kitchen area and at times even the bar-b-queue arena being made outdoors indicates that people are trying to get closer to nature through architecture as well.

5.     Prep kitchens

Prep kitchens

The previous trends saw the kitchens being huge and usually being located at the centre of the house. However modern trends in architecture show a tendency to shift the kitchen space to a corner of the house.

The areas too have been minimized and there is a noticeable attempt to make this an integrated kitchen where every culinary task from cooking to dumping of kitchen garbage and storing of the cutlery can be performed. This helps the owners to be spared of the inconvenience caused during the guest visits as nobody gets a sneak peek of the messy kitchens anymore. Since there is so much utility for this, we featured prep kitchens in our architecture trends for the future to look out for.

6.     Circles and curves noticeable in designs

There is an increasing trend in the use of curves on home facades of late. While this easily allows a significant increase in the space available, it also gives the vibe of blending into the surroundings. We are also noticing a rise in the number of homes that are entirely circular. These take their examples straight from the primitive forms of dwelling like a hut or an igloo. Those designs enabled men to save on both time and resources.

7.     The changing colors


Previously, we used to notice a distinct grey trend in the colors for the houses. However, as we are trying to be more eco friendly and due to rising temperatures, the colors are slowly changing. We now see a dominance of brighter colors and also white while coloring of houses.

8.     The increased use of bamboo

This again is a practice that stems from the environmental consciousness or rather the increase of it. We are noticing a much greater use of bamboo in architectural practices than what we saw before. It is a stylish replacement to many raw materials which proved to be major eco hazards.

9.     The increasing high rises

The increasing high rises

This is a trend that we can promise you will go nowhere in the next few years. The rising population and less availability of spaces imply only one way ahead, upwards. So we see a rise in the number of high rises. People are giving more importance to accessibility of important places, educational institutions and shops and are not so much bothered about having an own private space. Thus architectures are having to design more and more high rise buildings keeping in mind the demands of the ever rising population.

Final words

We hope you are now enlightened with residential architecture trends 2018 as well as the trends in commercial architecture. Evolution of building practices are as important as any other development and it is a positive sign that the architecture trends for the future are in such good shape.

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