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Ever since 2005, when the bamboo flooring trade really took off, it has been used by homeowners, contractors, designers, and architects all around the world. As a result, there are a number of providers out there who have more than 10 years of positive customer reviews under their belt. This is because they have helped to pioneer the market and sell bamboo flooring products that come with a lifetime warranty. However, you should not ever experience any issues given the fact that most of the flooring currently available on the market is treated by a super durable Accuseal Ultra Finish System.


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These providers clearly care about their customers and this is evident given the fact that a number of them voluntarily tests their products on an annual basis for off gassing and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Many of the providers have proudly achieved long stints of not having any off gassing in their flooring products. In addition to this, many providers also meet all of the required CARB Phase II Standards, which are pretty difficult to meet. Other achievements include the fact that some providers achieve FloorScore Certification and meet all of the requirements of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TCSA).

Trusted Source

All providers of hardwood flooring now provide their customers and potential customers with samples of their products. However, it is only some of them that go to the effort of putting stickers on the back of them to clearly label the dye lot that the sample was cut out of. The reason why they do this is because there can be a big difference in the shading of their bamboo and hardwood floors between lots. Upon making a purchase based on a sample that you have received, simply state the dye lot code so that the flooring that you receive matches what you had in mind. To further ensure that the flooring you receive is not mismatched, odd lots are never shipped out to the same customer.

Tried and Tested

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Most strand woven eucalyptus and bamboo flooring products that are currently available on the market are fully tested and ranked at 5,300 + lbf on the Janka scale. This means that it is roughly 2 to 3 times stronger and harder than other wood flooring. For example, Northern Red Oak ranks at 1,290 lbf on the Janka scale. As you can imagine then, these floors are able to withstand a large amount of use, and even punishment, from a large number of people at any one time. Because of this, they very rarely require the need to be refinished. Should they need it, do not worry as most providers of this type of  flooring cover it with a life time finish warranty.

If you are inspired by all of the great things that bamboo flooring has to offer then go ahead and visit the website of a provider today. One of the biggest is Ambient. You are able to use this flooring manufacturer for any residential or commercial flooring project that you may have.

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