Bandi Scarab: Monstrous gaming computer by Paul Bangdiwala

Bandi Scarab gaming computer

The looks of the Bandi Scarab, game computer feels that the designer, Paul Bangdiwala has literally been inspired by the idea of creating a “mean machine.” It Looks like a frightening mechanical quadrupedal spider of those yesteryear sci-fi flicks with two giant eyes, the contraption does pack in some powerful specs.

This exclusively gaming computer features a state-of-the-art AM3 motherboard from ASUS, and this advanced motherboard includes a dual-core AMD Phenom II of 3.0Ghz overclocked to 3.4Ghz (stable) with core-unlocking to 4 cores. Other than that, it has the “thrills” for gamers like DDR3 4GB memory, a 60GB SSD drive for a primary drive and a second 250GB drive for storage. The PSU is composed of a 550watt Fatal1ty OCZ model.

The so called eyes have a more far-reaching mechanism than just visual impact. They in practicality are a pair of thermal take heat sinks, incorporated with huge fans. The designer has exclusively ported the motherboard from Intel to AMD, so these chat conspicuous heat sinks and Wi-Fi antennas could be used to give that accentuated “monster” look to the whole machine. Other paraphernalia regarding circuitry like the scores of wires have been dealt with, by hiding them from plain view. So, at last we can conclusively say that the modder has managed to meticulously contrive a mean machine with equally mean specifications and authentic finishes.

[Cheers Paul]

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