Be always on time with Time bracelet

time bracelet 01

Feel like an original Shamus is on a crime trail with this cool new ‘Time Bracelet’. Designer Andy claims that it is inspired by woman’s jewelry, like two leaves reaching out to each other. However, it looks more like a gadget straight out of a spy movie. Ready to be strapped on, this androgynous accessory comes in two designs: black with blue LEDs and pink with blue LEDs.

time bracelet

It is a functional and futuristic design with separate displays for hours and minutes. The LED flash display makes for a nifty and stylish feature while the sleek metallic body reeks with élan. So if you are a major style junkie or feel like a super snooper, add this product to your jumble of coolness.

time bracelet 02

Via: TokyoFlash

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