Apache Concept Car: Two seater trike flaunts aggressively quirky demeanor

apache concept car

At the first instance, it may seem like a wrecked car emerging from a disastrous accident. However, according to the designer, this is the final form (and we must believe him) of the Apache FM1 concept vehicle, a two-seater trike, whose style – in my book – borders on the lines of being bold and bizarre. Inspired by the famous AH-64 Apache helicopter, this conception would definitely make heads turn on the road.

apache concept car 01

Contrived by designer Senni Med from Morocco, the body comes with front grille bar ornamented with the traditional ‘X’, and a logo representing FuturmeDesign. The polished aluminum surface makes way for the tapering upper part, thus making that conspicuous angle finally culminating at the outwardly bending magnetic wheels.

apache concept car 02

The blatantly angled curves carry over to the capriciously shaped headlights and the panoramic windscreen. The overall ‘chaos of alignments’ may impart that wickedly aggressive demeanor of the vehicle, but for purists it just may be too much of being bohemian. Still one cannot deny the novelty of a design, which is uniquely inspired by the form of a helicopter.

apache concept car 03

Source: FuturmeDesign

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