Benefits of using a home phone service instead of a regular landline


The days of communicating over a fixed landline have long gone. Today, we are able to stay in touch with our near and dear ones even when we are on the move. Smartphones and internet calling has become the easiest way people can use. Due to this, many people no longer have a fixed landline in their house. Before you plan to disconnect your landline service, you may want to give it a thought and reconsider your decision.

Home phone services are beyond the copper wire


Initially copper wires were used during the installation process of a home phone service. However, today your landline is a lot more than that since you can easily connect it to you Wi-Fi and still enjoy the same benefits of a landline by using the latest technology. What makes this an even better option is that your landline does give you better options and features that you can enjoy. Some of them are as follows:

Call rates are much cheaper with no hidden or additional charges

Today you have the benefit of enjoying unlimited outgoing calls without any additional charges. There are different monthly plans that you can chose for a flat rate that includes making calls using your internet service. This is a great option for people who have family members living overseas. Many companies like provide amazing monthly plan options that are economical and transparent.

Helps in times of emergency as responders know your exact location

The GPS facility is not only used for your smartphone, even the landlines now have this feature. Given the fact that there are times when your mobile phone may not catch a signal depending on your physical location, a landline proves to be helpful in case of any emergency. Local authorities like the 911 service can use the GPS facility at the time of need and send the concerned people across to your exact location if you make a call to them using the landline.

Sound quality is much better than the mobile phone


With cell phones, there is a chance wherein you can face call drop or voice break issues; however, with a landline that is not the case. Thanks to the latest technology, you can have a better calling experience without facing such issues.  You can speak for a very long time without having to worry about the voice clarity or voice break issues.

You still receive services even during a power cut

With smartphones, the biggest problem is that in order for you to stay connected, you have to ensure that your mobile phone is charged at all times. In case of a power failure or a situation wherein there is no electricity in your area for days, you can find it challenging to find a place to charge your mobile phone. Having a landline is a great option since you can still be in touch with people even if there is no electricity in your house.

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