Best Practices for Successfully Staging a Home

Staging a Home

When planning to sell your home, you want to sell it as soon as possible and at the best price. The first step towards a successful sale is by ensuring that you prepare your home for listing, and it all starts with home staging.

If you do it right, you will have no problem selling your home at a valuable price. That’s why you need to put effort into staging your home, and fortunately, you do not need to break your bank to change your home’s look.

Stage the Home Properly To Attract Buyers

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Staging your home doesn’t have to be a challenging task. When buyers come for a home inspection, the first place of contact is the home exterior. In this case, you need to create curb appeal that will attract the buyer.

Apply creative staging methodologies that will enhance the visual interest of the buyer. Here are some creative ideas you can implement in your home exterior.

  • Plant flowers and remove debris from the existing flower beds.
  • Mow your lawn and trim trees and shrubs.
  • Clean or replace outdoor furniture.
  • Replace outdoor lighting with energy-saving fixtures.
  • Pressure-wash external walls of your home and any other external structure.

When done with the exterior, move to the interior and de-clutter as you clean each room. Buyers often look at the tiniest things, and that can affect your sale.

Ensure you remove personal items and leave out only the essentials that will draw the buyer’s attention and increase your home’s value. Additionally, check your furniture and re-arrange it to ensure there is flow.

When you arrange the furniture well, it will create more space and make the home look large. Buyers price the home based on its size. Therefore, remove big furniture that takes a lot of space and replace it with what fits the space. If there is old furniture, consider removing it and replace it with valuable furniture.

How to effectively List Your Home

1. Take Excellent Photos

Today, things have changed, and buyers often want to check out home photos on various digital platforms before deciding whether to proceed with the deal or not. In this case, you need to invest in professional photography that will give you high-quality photos.

Remember, you are competing among many other homeowners, and you’d want to ensure that your photos stand out from the crowd.

Whether you plan to list your home in print or online, you need to attract potential buyers’ attention with quality photos. So, rather than using your phone to snap photos, get help from a professional photographer to do the work for you.

You may want to do it alone to save money, but the truth is that it will cost you more in the long run. Investing in a professional photographer will not only get you clear and high-quality photos but will also save you time and many hustles to sell your home.

2. Use Social Media and Mail Listing


Email is a great platform to inform potential buyers about your home on sale. Ensure you send quality photos and content that quickly draws the attention of the buyer.

Your primary focus is to stay ahead and sell your home within the shortest time possible and at the best price. Meaning, you should focus on getting quality and focused buyer.

Also, you can leverage social media platforms to list your home. Today, many buyers have various digital platforms, and most of them make a move after seeing property photos on the platforms.

In this case, ensure you post quality photos and videos with eye-catchy content on all your social media platforms that will quickly draw potential buyers’ attention. Digital platforms help you to increase exposure and attract buyers from all corners.

Another great option to use is direct mail for realtors via Wise Pelican. It offers a targeted and track-able listing of your home, and it’s one of the most powerful platforms to list your home.

3. Host an Open House

Open houses attract people who may not have even decided to buy a home, but they’ll end up buying it. For instance, a potential buyer may be driving down your lane as they go about their daily duties. Then the buyer spots bright balloons right in front of your home. The person might cut the journey short and branch in to see your home.

Holding an open house is a great platform to attract people within your area and those who’ve seen your home on digital platforms. There is no better way to attract your buyer’s attention and build their interest in buying your home than using an open house method.

Rather than buyers just relying on photos or videos to get an overview of your home, they can now get a physical look and feel through an open house view. Through this, you can build your network of potential buyers and get closer to selling your home.

4. Use Word Of Mouth to Your Close Associates


When it comes to selling a house, everyone is a potential buyer. It would be best if you did not assume that your close associates cannot buy your home. In this case, you need to pass the word across to your family, friends, and colleagues and tell them your intention to sell your home.

Maybe, they know someone who could be interested in buying a home, which will be the easiest way to reach out to a potential buyer. Ensure you use all avenues you can to get a valuable buyer.

Using your close associates can help you get a serious buyer and a quick way to close the sale without spending much money to market your home.

Don’t limit the number of referrals you get since you never know who may be the best buyer. Instead, create a list of as many buyers and possible. Contact each and find out the possibilities of anyone interested in buying your home.

Contacting more people gives you higher chances of landing the best deal. So, never assume the power of connections in the real estate industry since it may give you the best deal you may have never imagined.

The Bottom Line

It may not be easy to make a sale in the real estate industry, but once you stay focused using the appropriate strategies to list your home, it becomes easier and a peaceful process. After selling your home don’t forget to send a special thank you gift to the buyer. This is a crucial factor that can set you up for future transactions.

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