Best Sculptures on Display at the Gibbs Farm

If you like sculptures, then you must be aware of Gibbs Farm that has a unique collection of sculptures you will find nowhere else. It is a property in North Auckland with Kaipara Harbour in the background that is also the largest harbor in whole of Southern Hemisphere. The location of the property is such that most of the things flow towards the sea and all the work on display here adjusts to the seaward slide. In the following sections, we will look at some of the most fascinating sculptures present in Gibbs Farm, making it one of the popular destinations for art lovers and general visitors alike.Gibbs Farm Dismemberment


Designed by Anish Kapoor, the Dismemberment is a sculpture consisting of a large PVC membrane stretched between two huge steel ellipses. Known as one of the most renowned works of Kapoor, this sculpture consists of a flayed skin and has a rather fleshy quality.

Column of Four Squares


Column of Four Squares:

Created by George Rickey, this sculpture has a chaotic, skittish and random sensation attached to it. The sculpture teeters constantly but in high winds, it lies flat to confront the winds, just like a palm tree.



This sculpture is the creation of Eric Orr, who is one of the pioneers of Light and Space Movement in California in the 1960s. Gibbs requested Eric to create something to include lightning into his already growing repertoire. Eric thus created a large sculpture, the Electrum, which is capable of tossing lightning bolts.

Colored Squares

Colored Squares:

Created by Richard Thompson, Colored Squares is a sculpture wherein you find an abstract composition of different color, such as red or black, with each of your circumnavigating step. The work of art epitomizes restraint followed in abstract modernism, while at the same time it highlights the use of clean lines and precise proportions.



The specialty of this sculpture is that it is made from stone mined from Lead Hills in Scotland that is close to a place forebears of Gibbs came from. These stones have been used for creating the Roman arches that bring back memories of migration, genealogy and different architectural traditions.


Sculptures are a great way of depicting inner emotions and feelings. We get to see many sculptures at Gibbs Farm that do this quite effectively. If you like sculptures and art, then you must visit the Gibbs Farm to draw inspiration and learn new ways of life.

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