Washing clothes takes a turn for the future with these concepts

We take a look at some unique washing machine concepts that look promising to make the cloth cleaning process super easy and interesting.Shaking Washer - portable washing machine for travel

Shaking Washer – portable washing machine for travel

When out on a long trip, all of us face a shortage of undergarments, handkerchiefs, and socks. Sometimes we hand wash those clothes but it is not always feasible, as some people just do not like washing clothes because they fear detergent can harm their hands, plus the clothes take a long time to dry.

Designer Jung Seub Lee understood this problem and came up with an astounding concept of a portable washing machine for travel. The concept is called the Shaking Washer, which is in accordance to its design. It is a small tumbler shaped machine, in which you are supposed to put your small clothes and shake it for a while. Then open the lid, let out the water, and you get clean clothes in no time.

Luna Washing Ball

Luna Washing Ball

It is hard to believe but it is true that Luna washing ball can turn your laundry bag into a washing machine. To make life more joyous, easy, and healthy, Luna washing ball is a design submission in the Electrolux Design Lab. It seems like an ideal product for people who have scarcity of time and space. Luna is a small sphere that is quite easy to use and efficient in performance.

Simply toss this electrostatic sphere into your laundry basket, and it works on dirty clothes. You need to put a little water in the ball to create electrostatistically charged steam particles. The particles come out through the pores on the ball; the vibration rolls the ball between clothes and attracts all the dirt from them. In the end, the ball blows hot air to remove dampness from the clothes.

high-tech Pecera washing machine

The high-tech Pecera washing machine

Korean industrial designer took inspiration from the “doctor fish” and came up with this amazing concept of Pecera washing machine. In place of chemical detergents, high-tech robotic fishes will be used to do the cleaning in the machine. The tiny robotic fishes will be equipped with cameras to detect the presence of dirt and then the washing will be done using a suction method.

Alternative Clothes Cleaner

Alternative Clothes Cleaner

This particular concept is high on the green quotient and the usability factor as well. Designed by Harsha Vardhan based in New Delhi, this washing machine is one that also allows you to sit on it; it works as a nice large seat. It is a green concept, as it will not use any water or detergent; rather it is a pressure chamber and uses ionized air to clean clothes.


With the use of the state-of-the-art technology and creativity, the unique washing machine concepts are adept to make our lives simpler. Even a job as tedious as washing clothes can become easier and quicker with modern technology and ideas.

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