Best Wedding Venues Across The Globe With Stunning Architecture

Best Wedding Venues Across The Globe With Stunning Architecture

Weddings are regarded as one of the most significant events that are captured in images and memories that last a lifetime. The hardest aspect is deciding on a location for your ideal theme wedding. The ideal wedding location may establish the mood for the special day and inform all subsequent aesthetic choices. While some couples stick to the tried-and-true, others go above and above to make the day really special. A location can give a spectacular environment for art and architecture enthusiasts to showcase their interests and create a dramatic backdrop for the photos. There are a variety of fascinating possibilities, including spectacular architectural wonders, gorgeous views, and historic sites, we will share some of those with you:

1.      Wayfarers Chapel

Although LA is home to many gorgeous wedding locations, Wayfarers Chapel is a tough out. The glass church, which was created by Lloyd Wright, the famed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s son, and offers sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, is tucked away in a forest of enormous redwood trees and even has a rose garden. Located in a forest of majestic redwood trees with a sweeping vista of the Pacific Ocean, Wayfarers Chapel is tucked away. The outside is brought within by Lloyd Wright’s glass chapel design. You can also design your wedding invitation templates according to the Chapel’s theme.

2.      Philip Johnson Glass house

A modernist landmark and one of the many famous structures designed by the brilliant architect Philip Johnson is the Glass House. The glass-enclosed minimalist building is light and welcoming, as one might anticipate given the name. Although the structure creates a beautiful backdrop for a wedding, you must keep the crowd small. Each event, which is limited to 30 to 50 attendees, includes a tour of the library and all five sculptures created by Johnson. The Glass House also offers overnight accommodations for $30,000. Most architectural enthusiasts undoubtedly have this experience on their bucket lists.

3.      Bosjes Chapel

One of the most elegant and perfect architectural chapel to get married in.This breathtaking architectural wonder is located at the base of the Waaihoek Mountain and is a popular choice for couples who want a vineyard ceremony in the middle of a valley. The clean white shape is imagined as a light, dynamic building that seems to hover within the valley, drawing lyrical inspiration from Psalm 36:7. The chapel’s glass walls and distinctively curving roof give the impression that it is perched on water. The chapel’s curves can be used as an art on the postcard save the date to make them look more customizable according to your venue.

4.      Chicago Cultural Center

Chicago is a treasure for architectural lovers, offering event venues in everything from verdant parks from the Prairie School era to abandoned industrial buildings. The Chicago Cultural Center, however, is perhaps the city’s gem.

The impressive edifice, which served as Chicago’s first central public library when it was finished in 1897, is decorated with polished brass, beautiful hardwoods, mosaics, and mother-of-pearl stone.

5.      UdaiVilasRajhastan

The hotel UdaiVilas was created as the ideal wedding venue for people desiring a luxurious, royal occasion by drawing inspiration from the regal palaces of India. This location is ideal since the palace is there to take in Lake Pichola’s magnificence.

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