Cairo Expo City relives the mesmerizing landscape of the Nile valley

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Reliving the topography of the Nile valley between the city center and the airport in Cairo, Egypt, Zaha Hadid Architects, teaming up with global multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy Buro Happold, has won a competition to design Cairo Expo City that will provide a campus for exhibitions and conferences in the middle of the city. Extending in 450,000 square meter area, the state of the art city will accommodate a major international exhibition and conference center with business hotel, together with an office tower and a shopping center. Featuring undulating fluid forms, the Cairo Expo City portrays a constant flow between the water and the land, which further extends to the neighboring buildings and landscapes. The Cairo Expo City will not just relive the mesmerizing landscape of the Nile valley, but it will also attract the international conference and exhibition industry, inviting visitors from all across the globe.

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Via: Dezeen/ Arch Daily

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