Chevrolet T-REX car sheds waste for efficiency

chevrolet t rex 2
Envisioning a vehicle that minimizes auto waste, designer Alexander Vittouris has come up with an innovative vehicle called the Chevrolet T-REX that simplifies, consolidates and reduces (unnecessary) auto parts to cut down not only production costs but pollution as well, even without hampering the performance of the vehicle. Featuring self-contained electric in-wheel motors to create a simple “bolt on” drivetrain solution, the concept car replacing the traditional sheet metal is finished with textile-liberated “skin” that ensures durability, other than reducing the weight and mass of the vehicle. Powered by the bolt on engine, the futuristic car makes use of Tweel (tire technology derived from Michelin) to reduce the avoidable parts. Incorporating interconnected structural elements, the vehicle provides sufficient protection to commuters, while maintaining strength, agility and stability.

chevrolet t rex 1
chevrolet t rex 3
chevrolet t rex 4

Via: Australian Design Awards

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