Trou: Hologram-projecting phone is flexible sans display

trou cellphone
Designed for the Future Mobile competition, the Trou by designer Mac Funamizu is set to introduce holography in our mobile phones. Taming the concept of hologram for a cellphone, the no-display phone makes a call to far ahead in the future, but with 3D tech evolving, holograms delivering better results and designs developing like human brains, we can expect Trou, a hologram-projecting flexible mobile phone concept and its like, to be real by 2020. The 3D projection comes in rescue and the display thus is a projection created in the vacant vicinity. The 3D projectors are placed within a flexible frame of the phone that allows the mobile phone to be worn on the wrist and the holograms projected on the wrist as well.

trou cellphone 1
ibn gwzuu
trou cellphone 2

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