Compact kitchen designed to fit in crammed living spaces

compact kitchen 1

In an attempt to make the most sustainable and practical kitchen for the urban society, a user named mappdaniel at ProductDesignForums has created a concept compact kitchen, which he claims to be ergonomic, sustainable and technologically advanced. The components of this kitchen include a worktop, fold-away chairs, touch controlled cooking hobs, integrated eco-friendly fridge, sink with infrared controlled taps, an oven and a grill. The body breaks down into seven individual molded components, which have holes in them for the appliances to be built-in. These pieces join together using so-called “klip-lok” technology that makes sure the bonding is really strong. The stove’s “Genus” 900 oven allows food to be cooked four times faster than conventional ovens. While the top piece is made from one sheet of Borosilicate glass, the handles and other fixtures are done in stainless steel. Personally, I like the idea of this compact kitchen with fold-away chairs, but it could have been great if there was a cover for the hobs for safety reasons.

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