Cool and wonderful Tetris inspired designs

Everyone is familiar with the Tetris game. This is accessible for almost all video game consoles, computer operating system and devices like graphing calculators, portable media players, mobile phones, PDA’s among others. Tetris today can be found everywhere. This decade’s adoration and fascination of the old and the vintage is unarguable. The influence of vintage gaming Tetris has not yet died. Below are four best Tetris inspired designs, which range from furniture to fashion.


Tetris Furniture:

Crafted by Harri Koskinen, the cool Tetris furniture will give you the flexibility of classic shapes for creating artistic layouts, which fit to contours of existing furniture pieces beautifully and comprise a piece which can be transformed into sofa, two beds or a double bed.


Tetris shoes:

Tetris shoes are suitable and versatile for every occasion owing to its glossy finish and refined shape. Available in different colours, you can add nerdy accessories in your wardrobe with a pair of Tetris shoes which have Tetris video game pictures on it that are custom painted.


Tetris tie:

Technology has provided us with a solution finally on ways to fill downtime at mass, conferences, business and weddings: a tie that lets you play Tetris actually. Video games and classic of menswear have ultimately come together in offering you this remarkable Tetris necktie. Boasting of screen shots of the games of the falling blocks, the Tetris tie is an apt accessory for all those enjoying exceptional game play. Tetris lovers can now play the game on their necktie.


Tetris hair:

Few people love to express their affection for video games via their home decor, tattoos or even quirky T-shirts, but it is not restrained to this only. Tetris designs are also followed in hairstyles. In this hair style, multi-coloured blocks are etched into sides of the head while the ends of the long hair is died in various colours ranging from red, orange, blue and green.


Tetris games have always remained and will be among the favourites of all time. It is amongst the very few games that captured the imagination of those who played it. These are a fascinating selection of Tetris inspired designs that have been made by independent artists across the world. These designs have created hype especially among Tetris lovers.

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